Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 15, 2013

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.-Rumi


There is so much beauty in the world. (You can tell I’m in a good mood tonight because of that comment. ;)) I am feeling so inspired right now.  I found this website ( full of blogs of other social workers.  I love to write and love social work, so you know I am down with that. I found this article about art therapy ( which I just think is cool as hell.  I’m a terrible artist, but it is incredibly therapeutic for me to create anyway and I love doing it!

Today was both hectic and fun.  I had to finish a 5 page paper about how social policy shapes social practice.  I had one page left to write and thirty minutes left to write it.  My son, Jax, suddenly thought it’d be hysterically funny to dive on my computer and crawl all over it while I was typing it up at the same time as our yellow lab thought she needed to bark at a leaf falling outside the window (I am being dramatic here, but that dog barks at EVERYTHING!), all at the same time as Jack wanted to talk to me about something else. Aghhhh!!! The life of a grad school mom, case in point. But I got that shit typed and ran out the door to class.

My professor for my macro class is president of this organization in Atlanta called Caring Works which is a program for homeless individuals. As she was giving us instruction on how budgets work within organizations, I started looking up this organization online and was really impressed with what it had to offer.  The shelter I am at now doesn’t have all of the programs Caring Works offers. This program really gives individuals a chance to turn their lives around.  I only have six weeks left at my internship, but if I can, I would definitely like to add more to our program.

I’m supposed to lead groups at the shelter I’m currently at and I haven’t yet.  I’m nervous and still not quite sure how to go about it.  One of my friends in my cohort let me watch her as she lead a group at supportive housing.  She did a great job.  She played soothing music and told all the clients to just start writing (free associative) without worrying about grammar or spelling, just write the first thing that came to their heads.  After they did that for 10 minutes, she lead them in a discussion.  Maybe I can lead a group where I combine something like that with art therapy.  I’m not sure yet, but need to decide soon!

During my Policy class, when learned how we did on our midterm the week before spring break.  I have been stressing about my grades so much the past couple of weeks, but then I ended up making a 98%. Thank God! My professor pulled each of us aside to show us our strengths and let us know how we did.  My professor told me he loved my writing and that he felt like he was having a conversation when he read what I wrote.  He said I will be great at writing progress notes. And he told me to never lose my smile. Gotta love social worker professors! 😉

Now it’s the weekend (for me)! I’m going to take the kids to the park tomorrow which I am looking forward to because it is supposed to be a beautiful, sunny weekend. Then I am meeting my SW girls to work on our Obama Care paper at IHOP.  Saturday our family is supposed to go to a party at a Mexican restaurant, too.  I’m so glad it is the weekend! Maybe I will have some free time to paint as well. Six weeks left of this semester….the end is in sight.


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