Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 27, 2013

More Social Worky Stuff….

Last night, I had a woman come in to volunteer at the shelter.  She was a very attractive, well-dressed middle-aged blonde woman.  She told me after I told her I was getting my master’s degree in social work, “If I could do it all over again, I would go to school to be either a social worker or a teacher.  I am in sales now and I make pretty good money, but it just isn’t fulfilling.  What you are going to school for will be so rewarding.”

I told her that I had concerns about the money and sometimes I had doubts. She said, in her opinion, it is much more fulfilling to help others than to make a lot of money.

I told her that I appreciated her saying that & that I felt like I was in the right field, but there are some times that that ‘what if’ in my head can nag at me, wondering about what would have happened if I had become a engineer or doctor or somebody who can actually make some dough(!!) instead.

I have been given four clients to work with at my internship for case management.  I love case-management and hearing others’ stories.  It is truly fascinating to me.  And, then, to watch some of the change and grow—it is incredibly rewarding.

One of my clients actually inspires me.  She is working three jobs, pursuing spirituality (in this case, Christianity) and just has an overall positive vibe about life, despite the fact that she is in a homeless shelter and has been for the past six weeks. She is such a hard-worker and kind lady.  She said she is in the shelter from being in an abusive relationship. And now she is nearly back on her feet, working her butt off.

I asked her if she had ever found it hard to find work.

She said, “No way.  There are so many work opportunities out there and part of it is just believing in yourself and putting yourself out there.”

I told her she should come back to the shelter and volunteer one day and give a motivational speech to the other woman. She said she would.

I have three weeks left at my internship, and I said I would lead a group.  I don’t know if that will actually happen, but I should try to look for ideas this weekend and do that before I leave.


  1. Makes me happy to read this!

    • Thanks for reading! I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog. Peace & Blessings!

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