Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 31, 2013


20130331-134543.jpgWhy, whenever I should be writing an incredibly boring (though very useful) research paper on Obama Care, I’d rather paint, write, journal, read, and do anything but be academic!  I must get out of that funk before I leave Starbucks today. Discipline…so hard to achieve and even more difficult to maintain!

Yesterday was a beautiful, non-school related day.  I took Ariel and Jax to the park where the weather was the perfect temperature.  Ariel played on the swings and I walked Jax while he slept in his stroller. It felt so good to get out from behind my computer!  I am looking forward to summer…even if I will still be working all Summer.  It’ll still be nice to get a break from school.

Ariel and I also planned what we are doing for Jack’s birthday which is on Friday.  She was so cute and planned some really great ideas.  It will be a good day! We went to Walmart and I bought some canvases and she bought some stuff for her hair and a present for her dad (a wooden box that holds pictures that she can paint).  After I read to Jackson (Dr. Seuss, of course) & put him to bed, Ariel and I spent hours painting.  It was such an amazing stress release.  My painting skills are horrible, but it sure makes me feel good.

Today, I found out that I made another A on my research paper from last week. Thank God!! Now I just have to knock this wee little 20 page group paper and presentation out of the way, and I will feel good about this weekend. 😉



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