Posted by: soulshinemoments | April 4, 2013

Always busy!

Jack is going to Austin in a couple of weeks which means he is always working. Actually, so am i. But now our schedules are opposite. I dont get home from class or internship until 9:30pm.  He puts the kids to bed between 9 and 10 and goes downstairs to blow glass until 6 in the morning. Lately,i have been waking up Ariel at 630am, after jack comes upstairs and passes out.Ariel is so difficult to wake up in the mornings.  She sleeps through  the blaring alarm,the bright overhead light, me coming into her room and shaking her 3 or 4 times! AGH!! But we have been making the bus so somehow i do it! Jackson is usually up around 7. I grab him a bottle and cheerios (or “cheechees” as he calls them), turn on some Curious George, and try to rest before my internship or class at 1pm. Oh and i generally dont go to sleep until 230am. Im surviving, but this schedule kinda sucks. But, it is what i signed up for, right? May is almost here then i am finished until August!



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