Posted by: soulshinemoments | April 7, 2013

Kennesaw Mountain

It was seventy degrees when I awoke this morning and the sun was shining. Ariel asked if I would take her and her friend to the park. I agreed because the day was much too pretty to sit inside…or behind the computer, for that matter. As we were heading to the park, I decided to text my friend (and fellow MSW student) Caity to see if she wanted to meet us at the park. She said that she was actually on her way to Kennesaw Mountain and asked if we wanted to join her there. Ariel was hesitant because she wanted to play on the playground at the park and was also reluctant to do a bunch of walking up a mountain! The parking at the park was so scarce, that going to the mountain was really our only option if we wanted to get out of the house. So I followed Caity to Kennesaw Mountain, and Jackson (in the jogging stroller), Ariel, Kayla, Caity, and a group of Caity’s friends, plus four dogs, and I all “hiked” the mountain. It was quite beautiful and made me feel alive and free.

I certainly prefer being outside and spending time with nature to what I need to be doing right now, which is writing a bunch of papers and group projects. Honestly, I feel overwhelmed and not sure where to even begin with some of these projects. Drug Courts for Blue Ridge, Program Evaluation Paper, Questions about Analyzing how certain interventions work….gag me. Yes, I signed up for this grad school thing, but I am over this Macro Centered semester!

Last night was a success with Jack’s birthday. Ariel is such a creative thing and came up with some cute ideas! She made a happy birthday sign for her dad and then strung it with Christmas lights. She also made this beautiful photo box with pictures of all of us on the sides. We had so much fun planning Jack’s evening last night. Ariel made dinner (truly, by herself. All I did was open the oven to flip some of the food and peel the onions). Jack seemed really surprised when he walked in the door. He was in a good mood anyway after the floatation tank. He made it sound out of this world and now, Ariel and I both want to try it! After dinner, Jack made a big fire in the pit and we hung out for a long time. It was a really wonderful evening!

Now I need to come back to reality and be productive with all of this school work!




  1. Lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ I am happy you are enjoying yourself. Love that you are keeping nature company for me while I heal. Talk to you soon. Keep up the writing.

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