Posted by: soulshinemoments | April 12, 2013



Downstairs & attempting to “blog” in the basement while Jack blows glass. He is putting opals in glass and it is turning out gorgeous! Meanwhile, our dog, Opal, is chilling in her usual spot in a fold up chair.  I am looking at all of Jack’s scrap glass pieces and wishing he would do something with them because they have so much potential.  They’re just parts and pieces of beautifully colored glass sitting around, waiting for the right moment to arise, so  that they will be used.

This has been a long week & I am glad it is mostly over. I’m feeling the stress from final projects and school work due.  I have 18 hours left at my internship, then I am finished.  I am ready  for summer to be here, but also wish I had more concrete plans for this summer.  I was planning on trying to work, but now I’m not sure where.  Staying at the homeless shelter seems to be out of the question, at the moment.  I didn’t get the job I interviewed for on Tuesday.  They wanted me to start on the 22nd, but I just cannot do that.  Everything is due that week.  Jack will be in Austin.  So, I didn’t get the job.  That’s ok.

I went to class today and all we did for both classes was watch approximately 6 hours worth of presentations! The first class was about “community interventions” and the next class was about “Obama care”, “DFCS”, “Undocumented workers”.  My group is meeting to work on our presentation tomorrow. We are presenting on the ACA and Women and trying to make it both informative and interesting….tough!

Rinny & I went out to lunch today at a Mexican restaurant.  She asked me a question that I really liked.  First, she made the comment that around this time a year ago, she had just found out that she had been accepted into grad school and how excited she was.  Then she asked, “Where were you when you found out and how did you feel?”

Lord…me? As we all know, I am a mess.  I moved back to Georgia in August of 2010 after receiving my BA in Sociology at the University of Florida.  I had plans, letters of recommendations, and a desire to go to grad school at Georgia State.  Then, along came news of little Jax in November…woops.  But I still was not going to let go of my plans of attending grad school.  So, at nine months pregnant, I took my GRE with little Jax kicking my belly for most of the test.  By the way, “pregnancy brain” is a real phenomena and probably not what I needed while taking a test for graduate school!  I would like to tell you that I still kicked that test’s ass…but I definitely did not.  I did, however, get into grad school by the skin of my teeth nearly a year later! I don’t know what convinced them to let me in–my letters of rec, my sob story admissions essay, my 3.8 GPA, the Grace of God? Either way, I found out that next July, had my interview for my internship on Jackson’s birthday on August 7th, and started my first day of class August 17th. Wow! What a crazy journey I am on!


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