Posted by: soulshinemoments | April 22, 2013

House Project

Yes, I have a fifteen paged Program Development paper due in a couple of days, a presentation, a group project, and two midterms that I SHOULD have been preparing for this weekend.  While I did a very minute bit of that, I mainly decided to up my to-do list and add a surprise paint job on top of everything! Woo Hoo.  Why do I torture myself?

Jack left for Austin Friday evening.  I spent all day Friday thrift store hopping with my friend from my internship, Tiffany.  We found some nice artwork for cheap.  Then I bought a gallon of semi-gloss, “cloudy day” blue-gray paint from Walmart.  Summer, Rachel, Tiffany, Ariel and her friend Tianna, and I all had a girl’s night after Jack left on Friday.  Summer cooked us some Mexican food and delicious guacamole. Rachel brought over some ice cream.  We spent the rest of the night painting canvases, listening to music, and enjoying the evening.

Yesterday, I took Ariel and Tianna to the park.  Jax, Caity, and I walked the park by the lake.  It was really lovely! The weather is perfect and it was so cute watching the girls and Jax play on the playground.  Later that night, the girls helped me paint my bedroom.  It will be a surprise for Jack because he has no idea I was planning on doing that. Hopefully it will be a good surprise.  I think it looks so much better, but definitely does have a feminine flare to it.  Ooops! Ariel and I put up this awesome decal.  Now I got her into wall decals and she started looking them up online and wants to re-do her room AGAIN.  The wall decals are so pretty though.

I was going to try to write more on my paper tonight while the kids are asleep, but I am bone tired.  Painting wore me out! Thank god I don’t have my internship tomorrow. It’ll just be me and Jax and my laptop til Ariel gets off the bus.








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