Posted by: soulshinemoments | April 23, 2013

Jax visits my internship


I took Jackson to the shelter this afternoon because i needed my supervisor to sign some final paper work before I say goodbye to the shelter forever. Jackson is incredibly adaptable to any situation which is a characteristic he’s had since he was born, really. The day he was born, I held him up in my arms as the nurses rolled me back to my room. Jackson, not even an hour old, looked all around the room, almost as if examining it. Curious, thoughtful, and taking it all in. He still has this personality trait today. Even while I used to visit my dad as he was in the cancer ward at the hospital and then, finally, in hospice, Jackson just straight-up adapted. He would flash the nurses a smile, giggle, or just act as if he was supposed to be where he was. Today, Jackson was in similar fashion. There was a little three year old boy who was a new client at the shelter and Jackson made friends with him immediately (20 months old and he is social and friendly exactly like his daddy!). The two boys started playing with matchbox cars. It was precious and I definitely felt proud of my son and his ability to fit in anywhere.

I started out this morning exasperated because my laptop crashed with my 15 paged program development paper along with resources. Luckily, I have it backed up, but it was still a pain trying to deal with my laptop half of the morning. I have a feeling I will be up most of the night trying to complete that project. Oh, man!

After we stopped by my internship, Jax and I met up with Rachel at Starbucks so I could drink some caffeine to try to muscle through the final TEN pages of my paper. Starbucks is right by my internship and Rachel was slaying away on her school work. It was nice meeting up with her. I told her she must start a blog because she has so much knowledge and so many interesting things to say. Tomorrow she’s going to an “energy specialist” to get her chakras aligned. So cool! I want to add that to my bucket list this summer.



  1. He is really impressive, such a versatile little boy. You made a good one.

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