Posted by: soulshinemoments | April 30, 2013




While I still worked on my presentation for social practice, I definitely took a much slower pace today than I usually do on Mondays.  It helped that I didn’t have internship.  I actually got to sleep in a little bit!  Jack and I straightened up the house.  Then when Ariel got home from school, I took her and a couple of her neighborhood girlfriends plus Jax to the park.  It was a beautiful day and I took my time walking and taking it all in.  I talked on the phone to Emily for a minute and it was great talking with her.  She gives me wonderful words of wisdom.  I hope I get to see her this summer! When we got home, I threw some chicken strips and french fries in for the kids.  Read Jax a book and put the kids to bed.  Then, I should have gotten out my school books and studied right away, but instead I decided to paint.  I always feel the most creative when it is the last thing I should be doing. But, just the same, I made some chamomile tea and painted away. I know that I am no artist, but it sure is a stress reliever to just lose myself in the colors and brush strokes. LOVE it!






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