Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 5, 2013

Lazy Saturday

A well-deserved lazy Saturday, today has been, indeed.  Jack and I slept until almost 2pm…minus a couple of times here and there when I got up with Jackson, fed him, turned on some cartoons for him, and made sure he was content while Ariel and her friend who spent the night hung out with him.

At the garage sale Caity and I went to yesterday, I bought a ton of incense. Actually, I wish I had bought even more.  I keep lighting it up as the rain falls outside.  I’m going to use it all up at this rate, but I love the smell. The sweet smell of incense coupled with Widespread Panic playing right now with the background noise of the rain falling is heavenly!

Yesterday, Sara, Erin, and Rachel drove all the way to my house so we could study for DSM.  It was actually fun studying with them.  They are all so smart and Erin, in particular, is funny as hell.  Jack came home near the end of our study session and hooked us up with some delicious appetizers.  It was so sweet! Jax was being his little charming self and hugging all of the girls.  Ariel came home from school and put on these super highheeled shoes and pranced around the house and did her little dancing routine outside on the deck while we studied.

After Jack had brought us out a platter of food, Erin turned to me at one point and gave me a high-five, saying: “Jack is such a good guy! Good job on getting such a gooood guy!!”

Aw, yeah! I lucked out! 🙂

Today I took Ariel, her friend Tianna, and Jax to get ice cream (Ariel had a gift card she wanted to use), and to the book store. Other than that, I have been enjoying my free time.  I think I might even go read a book right now; It’s been awhile….

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