Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 8, 2013

Half-way between the Gutter and the Stars

Erin and Sara came over last night so we could study more on personality disorders, phobias, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, etc. AKA- All the crazy stuff! Our final is tonight, and once we are done with tonight, we will be half-way finished with grad school and starting our official days of SUMMERTIME!

Honestly, I was a little reluctant about being done with classes for the summer. I really like structure, and am unsure of what to do with myself this summer, other than chasing around an adolescent and a toddler and keeping the house relatively in order. Jack and I are talking about traveling, but haven’t made any concrete plans. He needs to sell a lot of glass so we can have money to do any traveling. I, too, wish I could do a little something extra to bring in some money, but the rabbit trails I keep chasing are leaving me empty-handed. SO now I’ve just decided that I am going to FORCE myself to ENJOY the slowness of summer. Enjoy watching Jax grow and change, take care of myself through exercise (i have a goal of walking a little everyday starting tomorrow) and healthy-eating, painting, beading, reading, writing, enjoying nature, taking a trip to visit my mom, my grandfather, my friend Emily in Jacksonville, and MEDITATING. I will come up with a more “deabstract” list soon!

Last night after the girls left, Jack and I put the kids to bed and drank some wine and painted/doodled downstairs in the garage. I asked him to sketch me out something on one of my canvases that I could go over with acrylic paints later. We had such a fun night. He’s been so supportive of me throughout this whole grad school thing. I’m so very lucky!

Below is some of our creations in progress….

Now I’m going to get ready for class and take that FINAL final!







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