Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 10, 2013

Summer Travel Plans

I took my tablet downstairs in the garage last night to where Jack was sitting and pulled up my calendar and we began our summer planning.

Holy cow; it’s going to be a busy summer!

Sunday (Mother’s day)- Going to Athens to see my mom
Monday – Going to get a massage and do the sensory deprivation tank in Tucker, Ga
Wednesday- Going to a clutch concert
May 22- Ariel’s last day of school
May 31-June 4 Going to the Suwannee River in O’Brien, Florida to hang out with my step-mom at her house on the river
June 5- June 8 Going to visit my grandpa in Dade City, Fl.  He has stage 4 brain and lung cancer and we are going to spend some time with him and take him to his dr. appts.
June 27-29 (ish) Going to Asheville, NC
July 1-7 Going to Ohio to spend time with Jack’s family

And then Ariel starts school August 5th and I start some time in the middle of August.  Holy COW(AGAIN)!

I’m so excited about this summer and all the travels.  It’s good to get away, reconnect with family.  I am just wondering how we are going to afford all of this traveling.  Some how it always works out though.

Today I walked my 30 minutes with Jax in his stroller while Jack did a bunch of yard work.  There are these beautiful pink roses all around our yard.  It feels so nice to be outside, in the sunlight, and enjoy nature! I saw our neighbor, Kimmy, for a bit. She’s going to start walking with me, too. Tonight I am just going to relax, read, and paint. Life is good! 🙂

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