Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 12, 2013

Soul One

Into the summer slowness & I am trying my best to appreciate the lack of a schedule. Honestly, it is a challenge for me. I like routine and structure and purpose. I know at this time next year, I will have landed a full-time job and I will miss slow summers. Jack and I went “garage selling” today, forgetting that it was Mother’s day weekend and slow. He swears I can find some good stuff at garage sales and then resell them on ebay to make a profit. Today was not evidence of that. I did buy an incense holder and incense for 30 cents while Jack bought us small little flashlights that we can keep on us. My grandmother was so good at hustling garage sales when she was alive. She knew the antique market so well. I wish she were around to help me out.

Ariel’s with her friend at six flags for the weekend. They have season passes. It’s quiet without her here. Jack and I are just listening to music right now. I am painting and he is sketching pictures out for me to paint while also playing a computer game that he is highly addicted to (ugh). Jack hooked up the speakers and so I blasted Blind Melon’s “Soul One” and danced with Jackson to it. He loved it and giggled the whole time. I love being his mommy! I love his big blue eyes, pouty lips, white blonde curly hair, playful spirit, and the way he tries to communicate with us. Amazing little miracle child of mine!




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