Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 14, 2013

Thai Massage & Sensory Deprivation Tank & Dinner at SoHo

“You carry unused energy in your midsection. If you deepen your breathing and learn to breathe into your belly, that will help clear some of that out.” The bright eyed middle aged lady with gray hair, thin body, and phenomenal energy said to me today during my Thai massage. She went on, “You have a great lung capacity, but you’re keeping all of your energy in your upper chest and not breathing into your lower belly. This leads me to believe that you are a very emotional and sensitive person. With the work you are going to do (hospice social work), you need to learn to not take the weight of the world on. Learn to trust that some things will resolve themselves.”

Jack and I dropped Jackson off at Summer’s house and went to our appointment today. We had to reroute past the high-speed chase where the cops where pursuing a lady who robbed the bank and claimed she had a bomb to her car. But, because of Jack’s GPS skills, we were only a few minutes late to our appointment. When we got there, Jack introduced me to Marilyn who I liked immediately.

This present moment is the only moment we have to engage with. Not the past, not the future. If we can take care of this moment and not try to avoid it, everything else will take care of itself. The mind is very powerful.

The Thai massage was wonderful. I feel like I “breathed out” a lot of negative energy. When she was finished with me, I was tingling all over with good energy. It felt like I had just had a workout….that type of high I was feeling. “That energy is yours to access any time.”

Next, I went into the sensory deprivation tank. At first, when I lowered myself into the dark, coffin-like tank completely naked while the warm epsom salt water engulfed me, I felt incredibly relaxed. But after 5….10…15…minutes in there, I started to get restless. I tried my best to breathe through my anxious thoughts, my restless thoughts. And, at some points, I did. Other times, I felt fear. What if I have trouble getting out of here? Man, it is hot and humid in here. Is my hour up? I wonder if this is what it is like to die. Then I started feeling subtle aches throughout my body, my hip, my knee, my arms, my gut. Subtle, but there. After 30 minutes, I actually even got out of the tank because I thought my time was up and Marilyn was knocking on the door letting me know! Nope. My mind is restless. I need to become more disciplined mentally. Slower, deeper breaths, let go of my anxiety….just TRUST the process….

Nevertheless, after my session, I felt relaxed. Getting out of the tank was a thrill in itself. It was nice to have my senses back! I liked the feeling of the ground on my feet, the feeling the draft in the room against my skin, seeing colors around me again.

I also really believe in this holistic healing thing–that the body is always sending messages to the brain and if we Westerners would just BE STILL and listen, we would solve so many ailments which painkillers and modern medicine are trying to ameliorate. I’m going to figure out a way to implement holistic healing into my practice one day as a social worker!

Marilyn suggested I also do yoga to strengthen my core. It has been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, so I am going to figure out a way to pursue it. Don’t know how I am going to afford it, but I am going to do it.

Jack and I left the Harmony Studio feeling good. The day was so pretty, too, which was especially perfect to go along with how we were feeling. We started to head home and realized we were both starving. Traffic was so bad (after the bank robbing lady and all), so we decided to stop and have a fancy dinner at the restaurant Jack used to be a line cook at nearly 20 years ago when he moved into town. The name of the restaurant suited its hip atmosphere–SoHo. It was such a quaint, beautiful little place. We ordered appetizers (calamari, fried green tomatoes, beet salad, and salmon) that were incredibly delicious. We had a couple glasses of wine and just inhaled the magic of the day. Oh, and the best part of the meal was dessert–bread pudding! OMG- so delicious! Jack ended up seeing his old boss and he comped our meal! Jack still left the waiter a $100 because that’s just the generous type of person he is. But it was just a special, wonderful day!!!




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