Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 18, 2013

Pretty Pictures

Both today and yesterday are probably most accurately displayed with the pictures below. Nevertheless, I will ramble anyhow.

Yesterday I took Ariel to the mall with Jackson in tote so she could get a dress with money her mother sent for her last day of school. She wants to get her nails done, curl her hair, and have both a new dress and pair of shoes for the “dance” that is going on during school for only 2 hours. She is learning to become a lady. It has got to be difficult for her being raised with her dad as her primary care-taker. When I was her age, I was painfully shy and pretty much just enclosed myself in a tiny shell. I was mortified at about the age of 13 to talk to anyone about those coming-of-age things (naturally), but luckily had my mom who was very understanding and helpful for me. I definitely do not miss being Ariel’s age and feel compassion for her with the many adolescent and teenage challenges she will be facing (and is already facing). How did I survive that time in my life, anyway?

I’ve been enjoying my lazy summer days of playing with Jackson, beading, painting, walking, watching way too much TV, and daydreaming. I haven’t been meeting the goals I wanted to. I’ve just been reading a little bit. But, I have been walking, at least. I’m just sort of wandering and roaming…as usual.

But, tomorrow, Caity, Ariel, Tianna, and I are doing some yoga! They’re offering some free yoga classes by where I live. Yay!









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