Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 23, 2013

Glass Art & Oregon

Ariel’s mom lives across the country in Oregon.  She moved out there a year ago, and with the exception of video-chatting, Ariel hasn’t seen her in a year.  Ariel is very social with a ton of friends and Jack and I try to provide a stable, loving home for her.  She also has a beloved little brother (my son) and a yellow lab and a moody (but beautiful) white cat that live here as well.  Ariel’s mom is also very good at sending Ariel packages several times a month and keeping the communication open via text, phone calls, facebook, and video chatting.  I believe because of all of these reasons, Ariel is pretty well adjusted with her mom being physically so far away from her. But, there is one question that Ariel consistently asks: When will I see my mom again?

Oregon is far. Plane tickets are pricey. All of our lives are busy.  It is so difficult to answer her directly when she asks this.

Her last day of sixth grad was today.  Last night, Jack took the family out to dinner to celebrate her last day.  She brought up the question again about if she could go to Oregon this summer.

It is a little nerve-wracking for us to plop Ariel on a flight to Oregon by herself, cross our fingers, and hope she ends up where she is supposed to, when she is supposed to.  For one, she is only 12 years old.  The flight is clear across country.  Ariel’s mom doesn’t live in a city that receives direct flights.  So even if we sent her to Oregon, the city her mom lives at is still another 4 (I think) hours away and her mom doesn’t own a car.  Because of these reasons, Jack doesn’t feel comfortable sending her solo, which is wise and understandable. So, the other option (at least for her first flight over there), is for us to go as a family.  I have wanted to be out West since I was 17.  When I was 19, I visited my uncle in Seattle for a week.  I love it there.  I love the vibe out there–the art, the hippies, the culture…hell, even the rain!  Jack, too, could work with some really amazing glass artists out there.  With all that in mind, we really want to make it work for all of us to go to Oregon at some point during July.

Our main problem is FUNDING. I am not working yet.  Jack is busting his butt, but it is still a hard juggle.  So, if we can brainstorm ways and get that funding, we will make it happen.

Here’s our first brainstrom–move Jack’s very old pendants! These suckers are years old and not representative of his current work at all. (He is actually embarrassed for me to list them.) But, man, if they can bring in some money so Ariel can end her summer with a big smile on her face and joy in her heart, then it is worth it! 🙂

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