Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 23, 2013

Heart for Sale

Heart for sale…no really.  I am not being overly dramatic.  Would anyone be interested in buying my heart? How about six of them?

I’m not sure how effective these auctions are going to be in raising money for Oregon, but at least I am trying. I really miss having reliable, stable work.  It is a luxury that many take for granted.  I haven’t been employed since 2011 when I was pregnant with Jackson.  And, even that, was early on in my pregnancy.  Now I am in grad school and it is practically impossible to work, go to school, work 15 hours a week at an internship, and raise a family. (Though, even that could be possible.  There is a girl in my cohort who does all that and works part-time as a waitress.  She’s amazing.)  And I did have a job interview for a summer lunch coordinator for this summer, but they wanted me to start the job right in the middle of exam week while school was in session. It just didn’t pan out.  I talked to Jack about maybe getting a waitressing job this summer. But, we are doing so much traveling (Ohio, North Carolina, Florida…MAYBE Oregon) already that it just didn’t make sense.  Plus, Jax isn’t even a toddler yet and I want to enjoy this very precious time. Excuses, maybe. But this time next year, I will be employed as an MSW and working my butt off. So I am trying to make the most of it.

I’m just saying…moments like these are priceless (and literally just happened while I was typing this: Image

Jax dressed himself in his dada’s hat and shoes and proceeded to walk around the kitchen. Freakin’ adorable!

(Below are some pictures of the hearts for sell on ebay along with some of Jack’s newer work.)





  1. hello! looks like you’ve been working your way through my blog, seems we have a few things in common!

    • You write so beautifully and I love your outlook on life! I am making my way through your blog and trying to not feel like a creepy stalker while doing it, hehe. I look forward to catching up on all of your entries. Thanks for writing and adding beauty to the world! Peace & Blessings! ~Olivia

      • Thank you Olivia, for your sweet attention and comments. Chris

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