Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 24, 2013

Happiness is only real when shared!

He was puffing on his “e-cig” (he is trying to quit smoking and hasn’t touched an actual tobacco cigarette in nearly a month) as I sat next to him in our garage covered with broken glass, finished glass, and glass rods and tubing.  We were discussing the more profound things in life.  We touched a lot of topics but my personal favorite was the one about happiness.

“Happiness to me is when I come upstairs after working in the garage [blowing glass] and see Jackson and get to play with him. I love when he tries to copy us and says, ‘Ummm gonnnnnn GIT yooooo!’ (I’m gonna get you!) That right there is the GOODS!” Jack said to me while we were discussing how wealth and happiness weren’t related and how happy we are with the direction of things, despite the times when times are difficult on us financially.  Yeah, we got it good. (I am so grateful for what a good daddy Jack is.  Involved, concerned, committed, fun, and wise.)

We have been talking a lot about ebay lately.  We are really going to keep as many auctions going as we can.  His implosion pendants are getting a lot of views on ebay and this is a good sign because he can make those with relative ease and a definite quickness.  He’s going to try to make another grouping of them to place on ebay.  We will see what happens…

Today was a gorgeous summer day.  I took Jackson to our neighbors house to  play with her adorable little boy.  She pulled out the baby pool and the boys splashed away.  I was happy to spend time with her and her family.  It has been challenging to see her while I was in school.  But now that I am out for the summer, we are making plans of things we want to do this summer with our little ones which include park trips, lake trips, cook-outs, etc. She was practically my only local friend when I was pregnant with Jax in 2011 and was a wonderful comfort to me many times.  I am really grateful for her kind, generous presence in my life.  She is also Jackson’s “godmother” (I’m not Catholic, but I refer to her as such because she was so good to me while I was pregnant and is adoring and amazing toward Jackson.)



Ariel is spending the night at her friend’s house so it has been quiet around here and I’ve been sucked in reading blogs on wordpress.  So many people lead interesting lives.  It really inspires me to dream big for both me and my family.


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