Posted by: soulshinemoments | May 27, 2013

Closer (Poi & more)

She had fire on her fingertips as she danced to the Kings of Leon’s song, “Closer” under the bright moonlight. Our two families stood in a semi-circle around her with our mouths gaping open in awe. I felt tears well up in my eyes as she twisted and turned with the lotus fire–it was such beautiful art and passion in motion.  It was her first time using her lotus as she practiced poi and it was simply stunning.  Our neighbor, “Calypso”, used to specialize in poi when she lived in Oregon, but now she will either pull out her chains or new lotus and entertain our two families on special occasions.


Last night was one of those special occasions because, though we just live a few houses away from each other, we haven’t gotten our families together in several months.  The past two summers, we have gotten together almost every weekend.  Calypso’s son is 6 months older than Jax and she has a daughter that is a couple years younger than Ariel.  (I used to hold her son while I was pregnant with Jax and Jax would kick me when he heard Calypso’s son cry or coo.) As I have mentioned before, Calyps was one of my only local friends when I moved back to Georgia and was really incredibly good to me while I was pregnant and afterwards–through all my crazy, postpartum emotions and hormone shifts.  I really am forever in debt to her for her kindness and generosity.

Once I stated graduate school in August, though, and was interning 15 hours a week (and not getting home 4 nights of the week til after 9:30pm), in school 15 hours a week, bogged down with paper after paper, and trying to keep the house in order while chasing a 1 year old, an adolescent step-child, and my man, I didn’t see Calypso and her fam as much.  Not only was my time very limited, I also wanted to make friends with my cohort.  Any available time I did have, I wanted to see the girls at school.  I felt a real camaraderie with many of the girls in my classes.  I really admire and share their viewpoints and goals and wanted to create close friendships with them as well.  So because of all of those reasons, I sort of neglected my friendship with Calypso and her family.  It certainly wasn’t personal and doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate her and them. But, it just kind of…happened.

So, the few times throughout the school year when I would run into Calypso, I started having feelings of guilt (which doesn’t take much for me to develop. I always carry with me a guilty conscious for whatever reason!).  And then, last night, when both our families were spending time together, Calypso’s husband kept making comments about how they never see us anymore, and why does it have to be that way, and it shouldn’t be that way, and–well–laying it on thick.  It is nice that we were so missed, and I have missed them as well.  But, damn, man.  I only have so many hours in the day. 

This summer, I have lots of free time to see them and hang out, but once August rolls around, we will be right back to square one.  I think that’s normal though, right? Relationships evolve and change all the time. I am trying to not let myself have guilty feelings about this. It makes me feel sad though that they are obviously upset that we don’t spend time like we used to.  But, my schooling and my family have to come first.  Still…this summer can be used for making lovely memories with Calypso and family like last night’s poi performance, for instance! And, perhaps I am not the best at maintaining friendships.  With the exception of seeing posts on facebook, I don’t keep up with anyone I went to highschool with.  Emily is the only friend from Gainesville I still talk to regularly (and that is because she is so freakin’ good at calling me all the time.)  I barely even talk to my relatives.  Shame on me, I know.  I hate talking on the phone, and I am busy….excuses….but, well…I’m not sure if I need to improve this or not.

Yesterday ended up being busier than I expected.  I didn’t have time to write, but wanted to at least upload the pictures I took from my day (which paints a pretty good picture of yesterday’s events).

Ariel has decided that she wants to do as many lemonade stands as she can this summer in order to contribute for her possible plane ticket to Oregon. Well, she says this, I secretly think any money she makes will end up going towards candy and lip gloss and hair bands.  But, good for her for thinking up a hustle, just the same.  Last year, Ariel did a lemonade stand with another girl in the neighborhood and ended up making $50.00!  So, it is not a bad hustle at all. Jack and I were really impressed with her developing entrepreneurial skills. I hope this time around, she will do the same.  She asked me yesterday if I could take her to walmart to buy supplies for her lemonade stand.  I agreed and decided I wanted to get a kiddie pool for Jax as well. Once there, we ran into Calypso and made plans for yesterday evening.

We all ended up having a fun Memorial Day weekend! Happiness…

(Below is a picture of Ariel and a girl in the neighborhood from last year. Look at that money!$$$)




  1. I know what you mean. There are people in my life I feel guilty about not seeing more often. But you’re right. There are only so many hours in a day.

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