Posted by: soulshinemoments | June 11, 2013

Finding My Zen…

“So, I’m reading this book. I’m only on the first couple of chapters,” I said to Rachel as we were headed to our first yoga class together. “But it is discussing about how the author was seeking himself, spirituality, existentialism,and basic questions about the why’s of the human condition and the what’s regarding what we are here to do with our life energy.  The author was discussing about how he went to Nepal after graduating college and how he traveled to learn from Tibetan lamas in hopes of finding some type of answers to these questions.  As I was reading about this, I started feeling a tinge of jealousy because he was able to seek such wisdom.  Then I stopped myself and realized that I have had many of my own similar type of journeys.  Maybe not in the same way this dude has, but just living life offers these lessons.  Just meeting my dad when I was 18, or traveling to Spain, or meeting the love of my life, or having my fricken child–these are all part of my spiritual journey.  And something I wouldn’t ever want to change for anything in the world–despite how unglamorous it has been at times!”

Rachel smiled, “Yeah!”

Yoga class tonight was even better than I expected it.  That natural high I get from my breath and stretching my body is wonderful.  I took the yoga basic class tonight.  Tomorrow night we are taking the “Zen Yoga” class.  I am going my best to try to do a class a day for the next two weeks.  Ambitious, probably.  But I certainly love the benefit from doing it.

After yoga, we walked the quaint town to a small coffee shop.  We each ordered an apple and she ordered an iced water and I ordered a jasmine tea. We sat in the back patio and talked.  She asked me questions about how I met my dad and why I wanted to become a hospice social worker.  We both agreed that we are getting restless from not being in school and slightly anxious with all of the extra time we have.  She wants to volunteer or work with her free time.  For now, we are both going to pursue the yoga thing and see where that leads us. 

After we were finished with our drinks, Rachel said there was an AA meeting she wanted to attend and told me I was welcome to join her if I wanted to come. She is in recovery after being sober for 5 years, but is still actively involved with AA and has sponsees she helps as well.  I said I would like to go with her because I am curious about what AA is like.  It is a good case-study for me as a social worker, if nothing else, anyway. I’m really glad that I went.  It wasn’t like I expected it at all.  This particular meeting was for young adults, so there were mostly college age (maybe even high school) kids sitting in a dark room, lit with only white Christmas tree lights.  Some people said some really insightful things.  Key concepts I got were: taking one day at a time, belief in a higher power, and being grateful.  It was actually quite lovely. Rachel said she was impressed by what these kids had to say, as well.

I just had a wonderful evening.  It was topped off to be even better when Ariel made me a strawberry shortcake while she and I were hanging out watching junk TV tonight. So sweet.  Nights like these make me wonder why I am ever sad or anxious about anything.  I would like to keep my zen like attitude forever, please.

Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can. -John Wesley

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