Posted by: soulshinemoments | June 12, 2013


I have a homework assignment.

I have no classes for my MSW that I am taking this summer, yet I still was given homework!

Rachel’s boyfriend is a graduate from Savanna College of Art and Design and, for fun, Rachel asked him if he would give us an art lesson.  He decided to have us sketch a still life scene on Rachel’s coffee table.  He grabbed random objects around Rachel’s apartment and placed them on a white sheet on the table–a cactus plant, ceramic jars, a clock, among perhaps ten other objects. 


“Pick something off the table–or even sketch the entire table, if you’d like–and just sketch it.  Try to get its form and be mindful of shadows while keeping everything in proportion,” Andy instructed us.

Sketching!? Ugh.

I love to doodle.  I also love to mix bright colors of paint together on canvases in curly loops abstractly and chaotically all over canvases. But, for me to actually create an accurate (or even damn good impression) of what is directly in front of me to paper, I struggle.  I feel like even saying that I CAN’T, but I don’t want to have a defeatest mentality. So…I struggle.  As I learned tonight, I am very restricted in my sketching, lack freedom when I am trying to make a sketch, while also trying to be a perfectionist with it.

Andy and Rachel both encouraged me to be more free while I was sketching.  They gave me some great tips…try sketching without looking, try doing it quickly without worrying about the outcome.  They even gave me a thin piece of charcoal to draw with instead.  Finally, Andy said: “You just need to practice. I want you to give me 50 sketches the next time I see you.  You can sketch anything you like, but it has to be real and not abstract.”

I like the challenge.  I may, in fact, be a hopeless case, but I do know that my 50th sketch will be better than the ones I was doing tonight. That is the beauty of progress.

I went to Yoga tonight, too.  It was “Yin Yoga” and consisted of a bunch of deep stretches in which we held for approximately 5 minutes each. Yesterday, after yoga, I felt energized and full of energy with each breath I took. Tonight, I felt utterly and completely relaxed.  (Though, apparently not relaxed enough to let myself freely sketch!) Tomorrow morning I am doing hot yoga with another one of my class mates.  Woohoo!

(I asked Rachel if I could take a couple pics of her apartment because she decorated it so lovely.)

Focusing in on objects to sketch really teaches me to be mindful of details and of the beauty all around me.

I had a really great evening!


.  O



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