Posted by: soulshinemoments | June 17, 2013

Be True, Be Smart, Be Humble, Be Clean, Be Involved, Be Grateful, Be Positive, Be Still, Be Prayerful


took this picture at BeYoga in Marietta, Ga

Jax is in full-blown toddler mode.  He is somehow simultaneously into everything and also not able to be distracted enough to get out of my hair for a moment so I can sit down and type this up.  Oh, wait! He just took a half-eaten apple, ran around the corner, and is now dropping it in Opal’s water bowl.  Ahhh, peace….

Yesterday was Fathers’ Day and the day tried to put me in a bit of a funk because it is the first Fathers’ day since my dad passed away (in October).  It is difficult for that day to not come and go without me remembering both my biological dad and my step-dad (who raised me from 3+).  But, as I was sitting next to Jack, I started counting my blessings about what a wonderful dad and person he is to my son and step-daughter. He works his butt off to provide for each of us as a glassblower, and is also so involved in their lives.  He is playful, yet stern.  He has played both the mother and father role over the years for Ariel as her mother has given Jack full custody.  (He even ran Ariel to Walmart on Saturday to buy her “feminine supplies” without barely blinking an eye.)  He is pretty fucking impressive and I am truly grateful. 


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