Posted by: soulshinemoments | June 21, 2013

Glass Magic

Jack did a glass art show in Austin in April.  One of the guys he met at that show informed him that if he started sharing pictures of his work on instagram, he would be able to sell his stuff. I’ve tried to hustle his stuff on etsy and ebay, but have had trouble because it is kind of high end glass he is producing.  He spent almost five years working under Godo Frabel, who is the glassmaster who produces glass statues that famous people such as Oprah and Obama purchase from (!). So today, Jack and I both have been posting pictures of his glass on instagram and my phone is blowing up with random strangers “liking” my pictures…though no purchases yet.  Still, it is hopeful that perhaps we can market his glass better through this method.

Guys, I am so head-over heals in love with his work! I’ve seen him come such a long way since I met him in 2006 at a bead show in Crystal River, Florida. I mean, damn! I feel like everybody should eat this stuff up!!! But, that’s just me and I may be just a weeee bit biased!


*Glass Available for purchase! Contact: for details 🙂


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