Posted by: soulshinemoments | June 25, 2013

Things are getting better all the time….

The first time Jack attended a Glass Art Show while I lived with him, Ariel was ten years old and in fourth grade.  I was around five or six months pregnant with Jackson at the time.  I had strategically planned all kinds of fun things for Ariel and me to do while Jack was gone and for almost every spare moment Ariel was home from school those days.  I took her to Jeresys, the local pub, for some wings and video games.  I took her to our neighbor’s house who has another little girl around Ariel’s age to make cupcakes and crafts.  I took her to the lake.  In my opinion, I did a pretty good job, with my big ol’ pregnant self, at keeping her mind occupied so she wouldn’t miss her daddy too much while he was gone for four days.  That was until around 9:00pm at night, her bedtime at the time. 

Each and every single one of those nights Jack was gone and I would put Ariel to bed, she would start off okay, but after fifteen minutes or so after lying in bed, she would be in tears, missing her dad.   It was really difficult–for her and for me. I remember trying so hard to reassure her, telling her that her dad loved her so much and was working hard so he could be a good provider and that he would be back home in no time.  I rubbed her back and told her everything would be okay.  But, wow.  I didn’t even know Ariel a year at that point, yet there I was entrusted with her well-being and trying my best to comfort her with my own pregnant hormones running rampantly through my body. That was some tough shit. It really, really was.

Now here we are. Ariel is going into seventh grade and four months away from being a teen.  Jack left on Sunday to go to  Asheville, NC to do business. And, you know what? Ariel and Jackson and I have been having a lovely time.  Ariel is now mature enough and trusts me enough to just relax and watch a movie with me, which is what we did on Sunday night.  Then yesterday, I took her and Jax down to Marietta to hang out with my beautiful friend Mysia (from my MSW program) and her adorably cute daughter, Cammy.  The girls chatted and played away, while Mysia and I threw appetizers in her oven and gossipped and caught up with each other.  On our way back home, one of Jack’s very best friend, Trey, called me and invited us to dinner at the tavern he works at, so I took the kids there.  It was just really enjoyable, pleasant family time. 

Mysia sent me this text last night before I went to sleep: “…I was telling [my sister] what a great mom & stepmom you are. So relaxed and patient. :)” That was the best compliment I could have ever received. I feel like I stumble awkwardly so often with this step-mom thing, but every now and again, I feel like I do some things right, and that is the best feeling (probably because I work so f-ing hard for it!).



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