Posted by: soulshinemoments | June 27, 2013

Fireflies & Frabel & Towers

It is about to storm outside and momentarily relieve some of this hot and humid Georgian mugginess, thank God.  Jackson is watching Sesame Street, Ariel is spending the night with her friend, and Jack is working with some guys in our neighborhood who assemble cell phone towers. 

I am trying to not let myself freak out about Jack helping assemble cell phone towers.  It is something he has been curious about for several years now. So, what’s the big deal? Well, for one thing,  it is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs there is.  These guys work their asses off, in all kinds of climates, and at huge heights up in the air.  I also have hesitations about the way these “Tower Dogs”, as they are referred, have to spend so much time on the road, away from their families.  They work hard and make pretty decent money, but the traveling seems too intense for me. My neighbor, “Calypso”, (who fire dances and rescued me when I had the flat tire the other day) has three children and sometimes sees her husband just a couple days a month. I could not, nor do I want to, do what she does.  I don’t feel like the money is worth it for me to practically raise Jax and Ariel while Jack works and travels. My dreams for us as a family is for Jack and I to both be partners in raising the kids and for us BOTH to work.  I think we are in agreement with this lifestyle.  I truly admire all of the single moms out there, or the moms’ whose men are in the military, or the “Tower Dog” moms. 

The crew is currently working at a couple of local job sites which is why Jack is trying it out.  Despite my concerns, I must say that I am impressed with my guy’s work ethic. While he is definitely curious about the cell phone tower process, he is also doing it for the extra money to provide for us.  A couple weeks ago, he picked up some hours working with another neighbor of ours doing construction, he just got back from Asheville two days ago where he was selling glass–I mean, damn!  He’s a hard worker and a man of many trades. Love him for that.

Yesterday, Jack, Jackson, and I went to Frabel Art Gallery (where Jack was an employee for five years) to drop off some glass peaches.  It was fun to show Jax the glass sculptures now that he is becoming more aware of his environment.  He seemed really into their lovely shapes and colors.  All of Jack’s ex-coworkers who were there were oogling over Jackson, too, which he didn’t mind one bit.

We ended the night with Jackson catching fireflies in the yard.  It was his first experience with that and I had so much enjoyment watching him chase around the bugs blinking bodies and shouting out, “Woah!” each time he came close to one.






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