Posted by: soulshinemoments | July 7, 2013

“Be happy for no reason, like child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken away from you.” -Deepak Chopra

A girl from my MSW program, Ashley, texted me yesterday shortly after I woke up (much to my chagrin) at around noon, asking if I was up for doing yoga at 1:00pm. Honestly, I wasn’t. I meant to wake up at 8:30am to do yoga, but overslept because I haven’t been going to bed earlier than 2am for awhile now.

“I should go do yoga.” I texted Ashley back. “Yes, let’s do it!”

With that, we met up at the hot studio in Marietta. My muscles felt stiff and I still felt half-asleep. I was just sort of into it. But then, by the middle of the practice, I started really finding myself enjoying it. The instructor, who I had never had before, was actually very good. She walked around to all of the students and made sure they were doing their poses correctly. Then, while we were in shavasana, she read a Deepak Chopra passage which melted my heart about unconditional love. As usual, I left the studio feeling centered and peaceful.

I convinced Ashley to have lunch with me at this delicious restaurant on the square which served Taquerias. We had avocado spring rolls which were so yummy. Ashley is such a lovely person, too. While she was in my MSW program, I only had a couple opportunities to speak with her during the school semester. She is positive and engaged with life. She does interesting things like takes Salsa Dancing lessons and leads a Teen Group at her church. She works and volunteers and is just open to life. I felt more energized and happier after spending time with her.

Last night, Jack and I had one of our rare date nights, too. Ariel is to the age where she can stay at home by herself and watch Jackson for a few hours. Though, she is extremely social and does not enjoy being by herself (it probably also has a lot to do with her being an only child for so long), so Jack let her invite one of her friends over to spend the night. We put Jackson to bed at 9:00pm and let the girls watch Disney while Jack and I went to the Punchline Comedy Club for a couple of hours to see Bert Kreischer. I was worn out from my hot yoga class and Jack was worn out from blowing glass all day, but we were ready for some funny entertainment.

The two comedians that opened for Bert where only mildly funny. Jack and I had front row seats and could literally see the spittle forming around their mouths. It was still bad ass and waaaay better than Television.

Seeing as how we were front row, Bert called both Jack and I out at different points. It was hilarious and cool to be so up close and personal. At the end of the show, Jack and I stopped and said hello to Bert and Jack introduced us and doted all over him like a fan-boy. He really likes Bert and wanted to have a beer with him. The offer wasn’t extended and we had kids to get home to. But it was still a really fun evening. We ended our night back at home on the couch eating fried mozzarella sticks and watching old youtube vidoes of Ralphie May (another comedian). It feels good to laugh and be silly. I’m so happy Jack and I got some time out on the town doing that.

Ariel and her friend were really well-behaved. I told them I would take them out the next day (today) to Starbucks and to buy a cake for them to bake. They happily agreed and are working on baking that cake right now. It is multi-colored with Neon Pink Frosting and sprinkles…I should have guessed. 😉

I feel like Ariel is exhibiting a little jealousy that Jack and I had a date night together. Since May, Jack and I went to a float-tank/thai massage together, went to a Clutch concert, and now have gone to a Comedy Club. Ariel has been asking her dad when just she and he and are going to have a daddy-daughter date. She has been begging him to take her to a Macklemore (sp?) concert in November. I am grateful that Ariel is relatively adapted to all the changes that have been going on in her life over the years. I know I need to take this request she has with a grain of salt and remember that there will be a time when she might feel “too cool” to hang out with her dad. I need to be supportive of their father-daughter relationship. I really try. It just is hard sometimes because if I were her real mother, she wouldn’t think twice about Jack and I having a night out on the town. It would be normal. But because that is not the set-up here, Jack has to take the extra step and make sure Ariel feels included and special, too, I guess. I know it is important for Ariel. I really do. I pray that she becomes a well-adjusted, happy, young woman. I pray everyday to have compassion for her and toward her.

Today I fulfilled my promise and took the girls to Starbucks. They are really cute together. I want to get Ariel involved–and perhaps be involved with myself–in Ashley’s youth group for teens. Teenagers really need a lot of love, guidance, support, and empathy. I want to give to them and remember my hard years as a teenager. I was different than most teenagers though. I isolated myself from many of the temptations. I was a total good girl and hermit. Ariel is not like I was. She is the opposite. She is social, adventuristic, active, and wants to fit in with society. I will have a lot to learn. Anyone want to give me some tips on how to raise a tween-soon-to-be-teen? Lord, help me….

But, today has been a good day! One day at a time….





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