Posted by: soulshinemoments | July 10, 2013

Opening My Heart Chakra

Last night, I completed a “double header” of yoga. I took a basic yoga class, and then proceeded to take a Yin Yoga class. Wow, was I feeling good after that! My hips and lower back felt so open and then when I came home, I had the most restful sleep. Each time I take a yoga class, I’ve been coming home and reading articles about the benefits of yoga and which each practice is good for. I read last night that Yin Yoga, a more slower paced form of yoga where individuals are asked to hold their poses for long periods of time, is often used in treatment centers for alcohol and drug addictions and for individuals with eating disorders. Considering I am a soon to be MSW, I find this fact interesting as fuck! I am not sure how, but someday I would like to use my masters degree in social work along with holistic practices such as yoga and art/music therapy all into one healing process. Maybe Jack can teach a glassblowing class while I teach yoga and offer counseling! Ha, I’m not sure, but I feel like there is something powerfully healing in these areas that I would like to figure out a way to link them together!

Tonight I took a Dynamic Yoga Class with one of my favorite teachers at the studio. She had us work on opening our heart chakras, which involved a lot of bending forward poses and opening our chest poses. From what I read, it helps align chakras that are out of balance. Those who lead with their heart too much–are co-dependent, jealous, for instance–the bending forward poses help those individuals look inward and nurture themselves. For those individuals that are the opposite of that and lack empathy and lead with their head and thoughts more than their heart, the poses which opens the chest up, help them to lead more with their heart. I read that tonight and find it very interesting. I feel much more balanced after taking the class, that’s for sure.

I am so obsessive passionate about yoga, that now I have gotten both Ariel and JACK (!) interested in participating. Ariel, I am not so surprised about, but Jack, I am. We will see if he actually does it with me, though. ๐Ÿ™‚ He is interested in the natural high that he has heard that it gives, ha. I hope he takes a class with me, but I know that is a big leap out of his comfort zone! He is really supportive of my continuing to practice yoga, which I really appreciate, more than I can say! He told me tonight that he is fine with watching Jackson so I can do yoga even during the school year. Yeah! What a man! He always supports me! Tomorrow night I am going to take Ariel with me to a basic yoga class which will be fun!

Today was a really good day for me. I took Ariel and Jackson to Starbucks with me to meet Mysia (my friend from my program) and her two daughters. It was a brief coffee date, but still really enjoyable. I love Mysia’s sweet spirit and wise words. She is a really sensitive and wonderful mother to her two daughters. I look up to her as a mother of two adolescent girls and hope I can learn to provide the same grace and love toward Ariel as she does to her daughters. She gives me really great advice and tells me if I am concerned about anything with Ariel if it is normal or not! (Which it usually is!)

Afterwards, I took Ariel and Jackson to the homeless shelter I interned at last semester to say hello to my old supervisor and to give her a pendant as a thank you present. I was supposed to meet my friend (and another girl in my program who I also interned with) Summer, as well. Unfortunately, I was only briefly able to say hello to my supervisor because she was running to another meeting. It was still great to see her! She is such a strong, smart woman. We are going to try to get together next week.

Ariel was both really curious about the shelter and a little intimidated. Before we arrived at the shelter she asked, “Are there actually going to be hobos there when we get there?!”

“Ariel! It’s not nice to say, ‘hobos’. I referred to them as clients when I worked there. But they are just people like you and me. Some of them have made poor decisions. Some of them have mental illness or drug and alcohol addictions. But, either way, they are just people.”

“Oh,” She still had an apprehensive look on her face.

I had to throw this in there, so I did. It is also true, “This is why it is important for you to get your education and spend your money well. People that don’t finish high school are much more likely to be homeless. And this is also why I get onto you about saving your money. It is really important to learn to save your money!”

She was probably tuning me out at this point, but at least I tried.

On the car ride back to the house, she had a million questions for me about the shelter. What really struck me, though, was when she asked how she could help. She started to brainstorm ideas about how she could walk around the neighborhood and request donations and money to help the people at the shelter. Awww! That’s my girl!

She is also extremely interested in volunteering at the humane society. So when we returned home, she looked online at the humane society’s website,picked up the phone, and asked when she could volunteer with the animals at the pet smart adoption. The lady told her to come by on Saturday. So now I will be taking Ariel to volunteer on Saturdays with the animals! Holy cow! Oh, but I’m not finished. Ariel has also decided to earn money by starting a “dog walking” service. She went door-to-door tonight and earned $10 to walk some lady’s dog. She actually earned $19 today because this morning, our neighbor asked Ariel if she could baby-sit her toddler for a couple hours. I mean, that is freaking impressive!

After my 6pm yoga class, I came home and played with Jackson in the yard. He giggled his little toddler butt off as we played “soccer” together and he tried to get the ball away from me. Adorable! Remembering what my friend Liz told me about being a mother to her boys, (“I don’t feel like I’m doing my job right as my boys’ mother if they don’t end each day with dirt and sweat on them!”) I let Jackson roll around in the grass, catch fireflies, play on the sea-saw, kick his ball, and play with Opal until the sun had almost set. I then gave him a bath, and while he was in his room without a diaper on, he started to pee on the carpet.

“Oh, Jackson! You’re going pee-pee! Come on, let’s go to the potty!” I picked him up and rushed him to the toilet, and he finished on the potty! His first time to pee on the potty! I called Jack up and we praised Jackson til we were practically red in the face. Today was definitely a good day!

Now I need to catch some sleep because tomorrow I am going to observe some hospice social work with my supervisor. Even though I watched her a week ago, I still feel a little nervous for some reason. I know it will go well though because I know that I am where I am supposed to be!

Peace & Blessings!



  1. Yoga. Love!!

    • Yes! I love reading about your yoga experience, though you sound much more advanced than i am! Peace and Blessings!

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