Posted by: soulshinemoments | July 22, 2013

The truth is, it doesn’t take much to change the world. It just takes a little love, a little kindness, a little touch. It takes an encounter.

I know I am butchering this quote that I heard a priest, Porter Taylor, say during a sermon over ten years ago.  But it has always stuck with me.  The simplicity of life is both amazing and overlooked.  As my supervisor sat next to a little old lady from New York today with no teeth but a fighting spirit, I remembered this quote.  The main responsibility of a hospice social worker? Show the patients some kindness, some humanity, some touch.  The medicaid, the medicare, the case notes, the social services parts–that is icing on the cake.  The meat of being a hospice social worker is showing compassion and a caring presence.

Gosh, it is nearly midnight already and I have barely caught my breath yet from such a busy day. 

We saw a lot of patients today.  We did two house visits and two facilities.  I saw a woman who was 102 years old.  Seeing death so closely sure does make me appreciate life more.

One lady was discussing how her sister on hospice was babbling in her medicated state and talking to relatives who have already passed away. When we got back into my supervisors jeep, I asked her if that was something she often saw.

“Oh, yeah.  All the time.  I have this one patient who says she sees angels.  I just go with it.  Who am I to doubt that?”

I found it to be a beautiful reminder of how big and eternal I believe life is.

My supervisor also gave me the tip that to be a hospice social worker, I needed to learn to be comfortable with silence.  So many times patients are silent because they are reaching for the words and we, as social workers, need to respect this silence and learn to be comfortable with it.  It is very challenging, but I feel that I am more comfortable with silence than many. 

After my training today, I came home and gave Jackson and Jack a big hug and kiss.  I felt especially grateful to see them.  Jack was busy wrapping up his glass art to send out west.  Jackson was bee-bopping around, giving me lots of big hugs and kisses and shouting out, “Mama!” to me. 

I also was able to squeeze in a hot basic yoga class today.  I left the class with a wonderful “yoga high”.  The teacher had the lights down low and played classical music during class.  It was a very calming experience for me. 

I am feeling so blessed right now. 



  1. this is so sweet — i’ve been thinking a lot about how to have public interactions with every day people. yesterday i did a photobooth :

    • I’m looking forward to reading your blog more!

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