Posted by: soulshinemoments | July 29, 2013

Baby Steps & Baby Frogs

When I am not busy working with hospice patients and pondering the meaning of life or doing yoga poses and, again, contemplating the meaning of life, I am changing diapers, folding laundry, nagging Ariel to put her things back where they belong.  It is kind of a funny contradiction, in one way. I suppose it all adds up to make for a full, balanced, and meaningful existence.

Lately, Jack has been working 12-14 hour days in the garage, blowing glass.  Ariel starts school next Monday and not only needs a boat-load of school supplies, but has also had a huge growth spurt over the summer and is in need of a new wardrobe.  Jackson’s birthday is in August.  I start back school in the middle of August which means Jack is going to need to watch the kids more and work less. Oh, and let’s not forgot our pregnant yellow lab who should be shooting out little pups in a few weeks.  Um, stressful much?

Baby Steps

We have a common goal in mind.  The beautiful thing about all of the stress is that we are learning to pull together as a family.  Little by little, we will get to a spot where finances aren’t so stressful, where our house is better, where I have a vehicle that I am not worrying about its longevity.  I know it’s about the journey, not the destination.  I am trying my best to use the stress and the worries and the uncertainties to polish me and not wear me down. 

I went to a hot yoga class this afternoon which was taught by one of my favorite teachers.  Man, I feel both inspired and intimidated watching her practice yoga.  She is able to do the arm balances, the headstands–all with a smile on her face and a thorough explanation of how the poses work.  I hope, someday, I am able to be half as flexible as she is! 

Baby steps, yes.  I am wondering how I will continue to practice once my graduate school semester begins.  Is it still possible? Can I afford to? Is it wise for me to jump the hoops to make it 3x’s a week to practice? I would really like to.  Really, really….!  I am going to make it happen! No excuses, right?

After yoga, I took Jackson in the yard to chase after his yellow ball and invited Ariel outside to hang with us.  She did her carthweels and Jackson played in a dirt pile by my car.  Ariel ended up finding two baby frogs and showing Jackson and he laughed and squeaked. Jack came outside and played with Jackson and the frogs, too.  It was adorable and the highlight of my day!

Living on day at a time….




  1. yoga is what helped me get through graduate school – you should find the time 🙂

    • Thanks for the motivation; i think i shall! 😀

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