Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 1, 2013

Life’ll Teach ‘Em

Currently, This Present Moment….

I am sitting next to my “little” 25 year old brother in an Anatomy class at a technical college.  He is in the middle of taking an exam and I am happily type, type, typing away on my keyboard, counting my blessings that I am not in his position at the moment!

I am really proud of my brother.  He is so smart.  He is in school in hopes of being a dental hygienist, but I won’t be surprised if he becomes a dentist or doctor at some point in his life. He graduated high school as a valedictorian, went to the Air Force Academy for a week, realized he hated it, and came back home.  A month before my brother graduated high school, his father (my step-dad), ended up committing suicide after dealing with many years of illness.  It was not an easy time for any of us, but especially for my brother. 

Directly going to the Air Force Academy after such a traumatic event was just too much for the poor kid’s psyche. He wanted to just come back home, work at the local grocery store, and play his guitar to numb deal with his pain.  He tried to go to the University of Georgia when he came home, but even that was too much for him.  He failed out from not going to classes after the first semester and just let go of all of the “normal” obligations of being an 18 year old kid (save for working and playing his guitar and hanging out with his buddies).

Now, though, now….he is ready. His heart is into school and he is killing it.  His grades are nothing short of 95’s.  He’s passionate and motivated and has healed in a lot of ways.  So I am proud of him.  Really, very proud.


Drinking Coffee Last Night with my Mom, Bro, and Son


Being in class right now with him, is bringing back memories of when I went to the community college in Florida at 19 years old.  Like my brother, I, too, had a lot of life-altering things happen to me right before I enrolled to take some classes. I had just met my biological father (after not seeing him for 15 years).  I had just returned from living in Spain for six months.  I had left my home and life and everything familiar to me in Georgia.  I was truly independent, on my own, and starting classes.  It was amazingly exhilarating. For the first time in my life, I had felt some type of control over my life. 

I just loved taking classes too.  They were so different and more interesting than high school courses.  I was drawn to the psychology classes, the sociology classes, the literature classes. I absolutely thrived.

Life Will Teach ‘Em…

I also hold a special place in my heart for one of the first classes I took.  It was a psychologist class taught by this 80 year old white Buddhist man.  One thing he said always sticks with me.

“Life will teach them,” were his words of wisdom regarding others.  It means, instead of being bitter or having feelings of revenge toward people who have mistreated you in your life, rest assured knowing that Life Will Teach Them.  It teaches us all.  Our behavior has consequences, and no one is able to out run that. 

And, I guess I liked the schooling things so much, that ten years later, I AM STILL IN SCHOOL!!! Aghhhh…. ok. Just maybe I am getting a wee bit sick of this whole school thing by now.


I met up with another of our facilities chaplains (a different Chaplain from the one I shadowed last week).  This chaplain has such a gentle, sweet spirit about him.  He brings his guitar with him to the patients and plays music for them.  It was absolutely beautiful.  “Precious Memories” was a common one he played yesterday, requested by one of the patients who was feeling especially restless.

Music really does heal the soul….



  1. I love that motto! What great wisdom

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