Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 4, 2013

Filling the Cracks with Gold

Damn, what a great weekend!

Ariel, my step-daughter, is all tucked in her bed, excitedly awaiting for her alarm clock to go off for her first day of 7th grade tomorrow.  She wants to see her friends, socialize, get out of the house and not be stuck baby-sitting her little brother, Jackson, anymore.  She is ambitiously prepared with the necessary supplies–notebooks, highlighters, glue sticks, clothes, a vera bradly lunch box.  Her outfit is laid out, her binders are organized by color and subject.  She is ready for her first day as a junior higher.

The Perks of Living with a Tween….
Tonight before she went to bed, she asked me if I would help her make collages for her binders.  Her mother bought her a couple of subscriptions to some magazines awhile ago, so Ariel has a ton of magazines lying around, which means we had a lot of material to work with.  I actually was able to get pretty lost cutting and clipping and gluing little snippets of the magazine that made me think of Ariel. It was fun!



Jack and I are poor.  We are striving to stretch pennies on the daily. (Afterall, I AM a grad student and he IS an artist–what would you expect?) Ariel has a ton of needs and wants–many superfluous, some legit. After all of Ariel’s school supplies were bought, she still expressed a need for clothes.  Ariel has probably shot up a good three inches over the summer and most of her clothes do not fit her.  Jack and I realized that she practically needs an entirely new wardrobe. After biting our lips with worry and perplexitity, we decided to do what most poor people do–go thrift store shopping!

At first, Ariel did not like this idea.  But after we assured her that we would a) go across town so she wouldn’t run into any acquaintances and b) that thrift stores can have really great name brand stuff on the cheap, which means she can get MORE clothes than if we went to another store, she agreed to go. 

I’m so glad she agreed to go because she ended up finding some really cute stuff.  I, too, might hit up the thrift store before school starts if I am in the mood for a outfit!

After we were finished shopping, we came home and started dinner.  Jack and Ariel sat down at the kitchen table together to work on a consequence and reward list for Ariel’s grades.  He came up with some really great incentives and I was really impressed with his daddy-skills. 

Hookah Lounge
Friday Jack ended up selling all of the glass he’s been working on recently.  Every last piece.  He came home Friday evening after making a sale’s run, very much relieved.  He also mentioned that the store owner that bought all of his glass also owned a hookah lounge and would buy Jack and me dinner there whenever we wanted.

“I almost wish we could go tonight while he still remembers me!” Jack mentioned to me and that was all it took for me to leep for joy.  A kid-free date night?!?! Oh, hell yeah!

We called the babysitter, called a cab, and hit the town.  It was so mellow and chill and wonderful.



So many good things are happening.  Life is good!



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