Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 6, 2013

Yoga Changed my Life….?

I googled “yoga changed my life” and am caught up reading many people’s stories of how yoga and meditation transformed their perceptions.  It is very motivating to read.

I went ahead and signed up for another unlimited membership for yoga today.  I start back grad school in two weeks and I’m not really sure how I am going to fit yoga, being a mom, being a step-mom, being a attentive girlfriend, grad school courses, a hospice internship, chores, having friendships, and whatever little ups and downs life may bring my way into my life; I will find a way.

I’ve been thinking about goals I want for myself for the upcoming school year.  Things I think about? Doing Yoga 4-5x’s a week. Walking 3x’s a week.  Speaking up more to my professors during class. Blog everyday.  Make straight A’s. Do something fun (park, McDonalds, chalk, library) with the kids every weekend.  Have a date night with Jack once a week. Invite my classmates over every other week. Meditate everyday. Read something non-school related everyday.  Attend a few different churches/religious organizations.  Work on cooking meals (download recipes off pinterest). Keep the house clean(ish), organized(ish), and purged(ish). Meet with a career counselor. Paint once a week.

But, dayum! That’s a lot of shit….and only the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure.  In reality, I will feel good about myself just getting through a day not in tears by bedtime.

So I don’t know. I need to make my goals less abstract, measurable…. SMART! ( specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely). I will work on this….

I took a hot yoga class today with Isabelle.  She is a wonderful teacher. Tough and knowledgeable.  This was definitely an advanced class and I stared wide-eyed while some other the other yogis did head-stands and I went into child pose. She didn’t have any music going for this class stating: “Sometimes I feel like yoga classes can be more like a disco club than about YOGA, so I want everyone to just follow and listen to his or her breath.”

I loved that.  I can’t stand doing yoga to pop music!

After the class, I was so much calmer and less anxious than when I got there.  And I was debating on not doing yoga this month! Pshhh….I need it for my sanity!


  1. i know what u mean about fitting yoga in. i try to do at least 3-5x/week. it nourishes you both mentally and physically! so on some level, it’s a necessity! i agree w/ no music during yoga. it’s all about the breath.

    • It truly feels like a necessity these days! I always look forward to class!

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