Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 10, 2013

Reach for Your Intention


I made it to the 8:00 am Hot Baptiste Yoga Class this morning with one of my favorite teachers, Julie.  She says all of the warm fuzzy things that I like to hear.
“Reach for your intention!”

“Act like every move you make matters…because it does.”

“Wake up, this morning.  Not just literally, but wake up from your unconscious state.  So many of us are walking around unconsciously, but we are using yoga to help us wake up!”

(Yes, I’m hokey; I can’t help it.)

I felt stiff for the first part of class.  And then I felt exhausted. But, I pushed through and am proud of myself for that.  It was an advanced class and I am not advanced yet, but someday with dedication, discipline, determination, I will get there.  For now, I am just working on staying with the breath (in every day life, too).

I came home and Jack, Jackson, and Ariel were all still asleep.  I am definitely going to make Julie’s 8:00am Baptiste class part of my regular Saturday morning routine.  Coming home to a quiet house showed me that I wasn’t even missed, which gives me more freedom in really taking Saturday mornings for myself. Sometimes I feel a little tinge of guilt leaving Jackson with Ariel during the week to do yoga and will really feel that way once the school year progresses and she has more homework. My friend Erin tells me to not feel guilty for doing yoga because it is part of my self-care routine and will make me an even better mom because I will be calmer and happier around the kids–she’s right.

So, what are my intentions for today?  To stay in the moment, to stay with my breath, to keep gratitude in my heart, to clean and organize the house, to finish my book, to enjoy my two year old.  That doesn’t sound like a bad day at all.


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