Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 11, 2013

Love, Laughter, & Taming the Mind

Right now I am typing on my tablet in a crowded starbucks downtown as I have just completed a yin yoga class.  I used to feel as if Yin Yoga didn’t benefit me as the other more intense classes do.  After today, I realize that I was very mistaken!  I was so sore and stiff before going into class today.  Now, as I am sipping on my latte, I feel opened up and so relaxed.  I also see how important it is to really meditate while I hold my poses. I can’t just fall into them and let my mind wander, untamed.  I have to actually breathe, engage, and let go; I have to really connect my mind to my body and vise versa.  I’ve read before that Yin Yoga is great for people with addictions and eating disorders.  I can see why! To hold those poses, even when they are mildly uncomfortable and burning, is very metaphorical to the way we need to breathe through our uncomfortable emotions and not try to run from them and turn toward something that may ease the pain, but have serious repercussions. Damn, it is difficult to breathe through challenging emotions, isn’t it?  But, once we focus on our breathe and just let the emotion be, it passes. And then we are free….

This is technically my last week of freedom before grad school starts back up.  (Though I am actually officially starting my internship at the end of this week). I am working on getting daycare for Jackson two days a week.  I have a potential caretaker picked out, but our schedules keep not lining up to meet.  I’m starting to get a little anxiety about the situation.  I also actually wish I could afford to stick Jackson in a daycare where he would be around a lot of children.  He is so social; I feel like he would really benefit.  For now, though, I just need someone who could keep him 2 or 3 days a week so I can go to classes, write all my papers, do my internship, do some yoga, and so Jack can work.  Lord, how hectic….

Jack and I had a really sweet, mellow night last night.  Ariel had her friend over and the two of them hung out in her room, watching movies.  This was really nice!  It wasn’t too long ago that Ariel would not leave her dad’s side and I was getting really frustrated at our lack of couple time.  Now Ariel is becoming more independent and more secure at having me around.  She’s turning into a really big help and a really fun person.  So the girls were doing their thing last night in Ariel’s room and Jack and I hung out all night watching stand-up comedy on youtube.  It sounds so simple, but it was a lot of fun.  Laughter and love are good for the soul!


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