Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 13, 2013

Some people are addicted to crack, I’m addicted to….


Yoga! 🙂

I know I am going to have to ease up on this obsession once classes start next week.  Still, a yoga practice with social work seems like a dynamic combination.  One of my goals this year is to figure out a way to link the two practices.  I have still not completely decided what career in social work I want to choose.  I am leaning toward hospice, but am not fully committed to it.  One of the owners at the studio has her MSW, I will have to talk with her about it someday.  I might get an idea or two!

I took a basic hot yoga class last night.  I still had an excellent work-out and liked the feeling of easily keeping up with the class (unlike some of the baptiste classes which definitely challenge me!)  I also was able to realize how far I’ve come since my first couple of classes at the beginning of June. Woo-hoo, progress!

I walked Jackson in his stroller for over an hour today and I am still aching to take a yoga class tonight.  I don’t know if I will manage to sneak away. 

Right now, I am in the calm before the storm as my last couple of days of summer come to a close.  A lot of future thoughts are swirling through my head–how will I do this upcoming school year? How will I still find balance?  Where will I find a job? I am taking a bunch of deep breaths and striving to live moment by moment.  I still haven’t found childcare for Jax which really sucks! I thought one of our neighbors was going to watch him, but I haven’t been able to get together with her so I am thinking she is not interested. I have no idea. Either way, I need to find some back-ups. It is a big concern of mine because we desperately need it in order to survive and function these next 10 months! I am going to have faith that it will work out, though.

I have been obsessed with wordpress yoga blogs. They are so interesting to me and I’ve found some really fascinating ones. I realize my blog is turning into a yoga blog, but that will change as soon as school starts and it will be more social worky.

I am trying really hard to find my purpose in this world & I feel that I am on the right path!

Peace & Blessings


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