Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 21, 2013

I need more hours in the day

Already I am feeling overwhelmed with reading assignments.  I want to be a good student, but there are only so many hours in the day!

My supervisor called me last night after classes and told me that I did not have to attend the Medicare meeting today as long as I stayed home and did social work related stuff, including looking up resources for my clients. I was so grateful that she was willing to do that for me.  I texted my friend Sara in my classes and asked if she would be interested in meeting with me at Panera Bread to do some social work readings and she agreed.

Jack and Jackson came home last night around 10:30.  Jackson was asleep in his daddy’s arms when they came through the front door.  I ran up to them and gave both of them kisses and then held Jackson in my arm’s as if he was a little infant.  This was the longest I had gone without seeing him, so I was just a little clingy!  Even though he was asleep in my arms, a huge smiled still appeared on his face as I cooed over him.  Then he woke up, gave me a bunch of hugs and kisses, and ran around the living room.  Happiness!

Before Sara and I met today, I went to another Yin Yoga Class.  It was lead by an instructor who is very much into the actual philosophy and history of yoga…which I LOVE!  He was so soothing in his voice, his mannerisms, his approach.  The poses we did were for our liver, heart, lungs, and intestines.  I felt so calm and centered after class. Healing stuff that yoga is!

Sara and I have been at Panera Bread for six hours reading and talking about social work related stuff.  We mostly read our gigantic Group Therapy textbook.  Apparently, a) social connection is vital to a human being’s health b) group therapy is really fricken powerfully healing stuff and c) group therapy is a social microcosm which can shed light to behavioral patterns in life.  Now I am officially excited about all that I am going to learn through this class.

I still have so much more to read though. 

Lord, I am one busy bee…



  1. Yikes! That amount of reading sounds scary!! I hope you start to feel comfortable with it!

    That yoga instructor sounds awesome!!

    • Dude…it does seem scary! I will adapt somehow, someway. And, yes, the yoga teacher was excellent. Have you taken any yin yoga classes before? They are so subtle, but amazingly beneficial.

      • No, I haven’t! I should venture my yoga practice outside of Bikram. I have taken other yoga classes at the gym I used to belong to, but I never found them challenging or meditating. Of course, they were at a gym. After recovery from surgery, I should check out some other yoga classes!

      • I have found that classes at yoga studios are a thousand times better than ones taught at the gym. If you try yin, I will try Bikram! 🙂 I’ve done hot yoga, baptiste, but never bikram!

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