Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 26, 2013

Drop what is no longer serving you

A somewhat chaotic morning turned into a wonderful day.

Ariel missed the bus this morning so Jack drove her to school and then we dropped Jackson off at C.’s house.  Jax had on his little, “Lock Up Your Daughters” black tank top on and was carrying an empty plastic tool kit with him which looked like a little briefcase.  I felt like I was dropping him off at his first day of Kindergarten and started getting a wee little sentimental.  C.’s baby smile huge when he saw Jackson and I took that as a sign that Jax would have a good day.

After we dropped him off, I went downtown to take a Baptiste Hot Yoga class.  Hells yeah, I am proud of myself for that one! My favorite teacher taught the class.  “Drop what is no longer serving you! Let it go!” I felt much more centered the rest of the day which confirmed to me once again that I need to be doing yoga as many times a week as physically possible.  Everything feels, taste, seems better after class!

I then went to campus for my grad courses.  Working with Individuals was my first class and not all that interesting.  I was in Rachel’s and Sara’s group.  We are really the three musketeers.  I love those girls.  They are so smart and such good people.  We talked about ethical dilemmas which is kind of a social work 101 type of thing to discuss, but whatevs…

However, my next class, Working with Groups, was way better.  I feel like I am going to end up taking a lot away from that class.  I am terrified of leading groups, but I know that if I can master that skill, I will be a much better practitioner.  I’m going to have to push myself, but I desire to feel comfortable speaking and leading groups.  It is necessary for me!

Anyway, I am really exhausted.  I just wanted to make a quick entry in here before I fall asleep.  xoxo


  1. group work was always my favorite — hang in there and hopefully you’ll start to like it 🙂 sometimes it just takes a while to get to know all the individual personalities.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve noticed that the people in my class that do the best job leading groups are those who have experienced being a part of group therapy. I never had so I am just understanding how effective they can be! Im going to work on coming out of my shell, taking risks, and learning how to lead a freakin group. 🙂

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