Posted by: soulshinemoments | August 31, 2013

“No matter what the illness or addiction or distorted physical expression, its cause is in the mind, and only there can it be healed. The greatest power you’re given by God is the power to change your mind.” -Marianne Williamson

Is this true, Miss Marianne Wiliamson? 

I don’t get it. 

I was doing yoga, staying zen, feeling grateful…why has my back decided to go kerplunk on me?

Some part of me has not been staying mindful.  I do get stressed out easily.  I do not live in a state of meditation all the time.  I know I need to figure out how to use the shooting pain I feel when I stand up to go further in my mediation.  But, but, but…it is soo freakin difficult! I am fighting serious feelings of frustration and anger. 

After I finally got myself out of bed this morning, I walked around the house trying to mediate.  It did help me, but was difficult to sustain.  It is difficult to sustain. I’m not trying to complain like a baby, but I don’t have time to be injured. 

Come on, Body! Don’t fail me now; I’m not even 30 yet!

It really makes me sympathetic toward people who live in chronic pain all of the time.  I was reading a few blogs written by individuals struggling with living everyday of their lives in constant pain.  How do people do it? Jeez, Oh man.

My friend from school is coming over in a little while.  She has had even worse troubles with her back than I am having.  She will most likely need surgery.  So we are going to commiserate together.

Ok, I’m going to think positive, healing thoughts and try to turn my pain into a way to go deeper in meditation. 



  1. Aw, friend. I am so sorry you are in pain! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you today!

    • Thank you! I appreciate it, for sure. Pain sucks–emotional and physical. I know there is a point to it, though. I’m going to work through it.

  2. Stuck creative energy most likely. Maybe something pushed down…take good care of you!

    • Thank you, kindly! Maybe I’d better make painting part of my daily routine. Peace and Blessings to you!

  3. I can’t offer much in the way of suggestions – I am about as flexible as a hydro pole in the middle of January, so stretching and bending and breathing through things isn’t my bag (as I found struggling painfully through beginner’s yoga classes – my back froze up on me one class and I had to crawl out on my belly…lol). Anyway, you seem to have good practice – is there a gentle way to coax the pain away? Breathing, baths, etc.? Often, emotional and spiritual blockages for me manifest physically. Perhaps this might be a part of it?

    Whatever it is – hope you get well 🙂


    • Hey, Paul… Your comment cracked me up…especially the part about freezing up in yoga class. I was about 10 minutes away from doing the same the other day! I’m trying my hardest to coax the pain away. I know that being able to change my mindset is half the battle. Peace and Blessings to you! Olivia

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