Posted by: soulshinemoments | September 8, 2013

Some Intentions….



I woke up today in an especially good mood.  The sunlight, hitting the earth like a fall morning, woke me up.  Jack and I had coffee outside on our front porch.  I told him I really wanted to be more intent on making jewelry with his pendants and selling his pendants.  He, too, is interested in doing more art shows again.  Last year, I was really into painting on canvases with acrylic paints.  I think this year, I am going to get back into making jewelry again for my creative outlet.  It was fun chatting with him about ways we could branch out. Even just hitting up artsy little stores in the local downtown areas would be something enjoyable and possibly productive to do.

I met with my social worker girls Rachel and Sara today at a hip little coffee shop out of town for me, but closer in town to them. Today is Jack’s football Sunday day which gives me the opportunity to get out of the house, kid free, and him a chance to watch his games and the kids.  It actually works out well.  I was so grateful for time with my girls today.  As usual, they inspire me and motivate me to become a better social worker professional.

Sara interns in the ICU and has incredible stories–often sad. She mentioned how she was upset the other day because one of the patients passed away. The patient was a prostitute and was beaten to death and just thrown outside the curb of the hospital. How heart-breaking! I sometimes forget what a little bubble I live in when compared to the sufferings of many others. I have so much to be grateful for, but also cannot turn a blind eye to the many people who are in need of love, compassion, service, kindness, and someone who cares. I’m already involved in human services through working with hospice and through even raising a family, but I still want to help even more. How could I not after just what I’ve seen through my MSW program?

The three of us studied for a quiz we have tomorrow on Group Therapy. We also discussed our internship experiences, both past and present. That in itself is a learning experience for me. I talked to Rachel about how I was timid to speak up during our family group-therapy type sessions at my internship.

She encouraged me. She said, “You are more capable than you think!”

After talking with her, I decided that I would try to push myself more this week. I am going to take more risks with patients. Rachel said that it was really unlikely that we would fuck something up. We have another training thus far to most likely not do that much damage. I think she’s right. I’m going to challenge myself!

So those are my two intentions for this semester: Push myself at my internship and make more jewelry!


  1. good luck with your riskiness — excited to her about how it pays off 🙂

  2. Creating jewelry is a wonderful, expressive hobby!! I used to make a lot of it – just for fun. Make sure to post what you create!

    • Dude…I know it! I worked in a bead store for two years and used to travel around the south doing bead shows (which is how I met Jack!) I would love to see some of your creations, too. Add one more thing to your monthly challenges! 😉 I will be sure to take pictures. I am running low on some bead necessities though.

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