Posted by: soulshinemoments | September 14, 2013

Breaking Bad

I was lost in a mindless haze yesterday known as Breaking Bad.  Jack and I watched hours of it after my internship yesterday.  He was feeling under the weather with a runny nose, and I was feeling lazy.  So we watched almost two seasons of it.  We are addicted. It was such a guilty pleasure to sit cuddled on the couch as the weather is finally turning cooler outside and indulge in this series.

I did get some reading done today at Starbucks with Sara so I don’t feel quite so guilty.  I am trying to be a good nerd and read everything I am assigned, which at times is a wee bit daunting. . . .


Yesterday I visited a facility that I hadn’t yet which is an hour and a half away from my house.  It was a nice facility in appearance and upkeep, but the staff were very aloof in comparison to what I am used to.  I would think hospice facilities would be full of “warm and fuzzy” type of people. My supervisor said that they were the same way with her.  But our concern is really the patients anyway.

One of the patients there was a 90 year old man, handsome, but nonverbal.  He looked so fragile on his bed.  But, his caretaker was there when my supervisor and I visited him.  She apparently had been taking care of him for the past five years.  She informed us that the patient had a “mean streak” and referred to women as “sperm receptors”.  I was sort of in shock.  It’s strange to see individuals in such a fragile state and then learn something disconcerting like that about them.  It was obvious that this patient was a fighter, too.  It seemed as if he was refusing to let go and make the transition.  His will was strong and despite  his family members telling him that it was okay to pass away, it is as if he is still fighting.  I can’t help but wonder why.  What is it like for someone experiencing their final days of life on this earth?  People make the transition in so many different ways.  It is interesting to me. My other hospice supervisor told me before that she has seen many times where patients on hospice care talk about and to their loved ones that have already died. It really fascinates me.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick update.  I am feeling like continuing on with my lazy mood and watching some more Breaking Bad.  I am going to need and intervention. 🙂


  1. Never seen Breaking Bad, but I can relate to the stack of reading. Take care.

    • Breaking Bad is addictive! 🙂 Thanks for reading. Hope all is well on your end. Peace and Blessings

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