Posted by: soulshinemoments | September 27, 2013

Don’t Give Up…


It seems that every Friday evening and nights, at least since the age of 16, leaves me feeling out-of-sorts for some reason.  I think it has something to do with the impending weekend and all the expectation that time holds.  Right now, it is school project after school project that I must complete/make head way on.  I don’t look forward to the weekends because of this reason.  It is not time off for me, but time to get more work done.  Time for school work, housework, general up-keep. Blah. And, even though I received a 45 minute massage this afternoon, today was really no different. The good news is that I just completed a huge group project tonight. Though I still have to present it on Tuesday.


I had a massage at this joint called “The Sanctuary”.  It is also a yoga studio (which I have never practiced at), so I figured it would be a great place to ask about pursuing my yoga again soon.  I told her about my back injury and she said, “Yoga is really good for all parts of the body.  I don’t see why not.”  Which made me feel really hopeful. She told me what poses to avoid. She also eased the pain that has been throbbing in my right shoulder for the past three months a lot.  She did a great job, but I still felt she was kind of high energy and rushed.  I was hoping for a little more mellow.  But, hey, she made me feel better so I am forever grateful.

After my massage, I felt really emotional. I actually felt as if I wanted to cry when I came home.  All of the many things I stress about were bubbling to the surface.  I gathered Jackson up, put him in the stroller, took a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, in the beautiful fall weather and felt much better when I returned home.

Deep breaths.

So, walking, yoga, meditation–here I come. I am mostly pain-free now and want to get to feeling even better. 




  1. i’m thinking positive thoughts for you. hope everything feels a little better soon 🙂

    • Thanks, Girl…I am thinking them too and feeling hopeful! ❤

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