Posted by: soulshinemoments | October 2, 2013

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What a blur this week has been already!  I’ve been staring at the blinking curser on this white screen for the past couple of minutes, wondering where to start.

I am so grateful to be in grad school–mainly for the friendships I am building more than anything else. The course load itself seems a little lacking (according to Rinny, A LOT lacking!), but the people in my program make it highly worthwhile for me.

Yesterday we had our bi-weekly seminar class lead by a former hospice social worker and current professor (lucky for two other girls in our class and myself who all are placed in hospice internship).  My internship professor started this camp for grieving children who have lost their parents to death. (I really want to try to work there at some point…perhaps in spring of next semester.) I admire this professor so much and the more I meet with her, the more she grows on me.  She lead our seminar class yesterday in such a way that it was like a group therapy session.   At one point in the class, every one of us were tearing up because of the stories others of us were sharing from experiences at our internships.
One of the girls who works at hospice shared a story of a man who was in jail who had a father on hospice who passed away.  The son in jail was able to see his father after he had passed at his viewing.  The son was shown unconditional positive regard and love by his family when he was able to make the viewing.  The man was full of regret and tears.  The way that our classmate told the story was so incredibly moving.  We, as  a class, were all brought to tears. After she shared this, others of us felt safe enough to open up and share their internship experiences…some of which were equally as moving or tear-jerking. 
We also watched a video about the orphans of Romania this week and that, too, brought tears to my eyes. We were discussing attachment theories and how if children are not held and loved enough when they are infants, it is almost impossible for them to have “normal” attachments later on in life, despite how much  love and affection they are given by their adopted parents.
My friend (and fellow student in the cohort) and I skipped one of our classes yesterday.  I know it sounds awful, but it’s called self-care!  We decided to go have lunch together because we were hungry and needed the break.  Also, our forensics class is just bad.  I get nothing out of that class and neither does she.  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  Many others in our cohort feel the same way.  So she and I went to have lunch at California Dreaming and just had the best lunch.  She is a mommy of two adolescent girls and was able to listen to me talk about A. with any concerns and worries I have.  I listened to her about her relationship concerns.  We laughed, we reflected, and then we each got hit on by the waiter! Talk about great therapy!
Well, I wanted to make this entry more thought-provoking, but I have a two year old on my lap about to spill water all over the key board!


  1. i’m always in awe of what you do in your classes/the stories you hear/the people you work with — it’s so incredibly meaningful. props to you for making a positive difference in the lives of others 🙂

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