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I am spread thin–no doubt about it.

My supervisor let me take Thursday to do research for hospice social work. I did not do a lick of research. Yes, I tried. I had this great idea to take Jackson to the playground at McDonalds so I could do my research work. On the way out of the neighborhood, my neighbor (and dear friend) called me. She was really upset over some personal things. I went to go check on her for a little while. She wanted me to stay longer, but I really wanted to get some research done, so I told her I would be back. I took Jackson to McDonalds. I had this middle age guy stare at me non-stop for 15 minutes. Then I had a lady in the bathroom pick up Jackson “for me” to help him wash his hands (weird), set him down, pointed to her swollen arm, then hit me up for a “few bucks”. Finally, I had this little spanish speaking 7 year old talk to me non-stop on the playground while Jackson was running around and I was typing on my tablet. Definitely didn’t get anything accomplished.

Jack took Ariel to get her dress this week for her first school sponsored dance (homecoming). He spent about five hours with her trying to help her find a dress. He even took her to the mall which he absolutely hates. Finally they found one for an amazing price. I was so impressed with Jack. How many dads take their tween daughters shopping and for FIVE hours? What a guy!

At first, I was of the mindset that it was silly to make such a big deal of a little dance for 12 year olds. I went to a private Christian school and the only sort of dance we had wasn’t until 9th grade and it wasn’t a dance at all! (Dancing was of the devil, you know.) We had a banquet. We had to wear long dresses and equally modest shawls with no cleavage or skin showing! We did not dance, but sat at a big table and ate. I went my 9th grade year (with a nerdy guy friend of mine) and 11th grade (with a friend from church who I had a secret huge crush on). It was boring as hell.

Jack says he went to a dance when he was in seventh grade and he remembers it being such a fun time for him. To hear his perspective opened my mind a little bit more. So Ariel got her dress and then today I took her to get her nails done. She got black with sparkles. She looked so grown up. I tried to help her do her hair, but she was impatient (she didnt want to wait to let it dry) while we tried to roll it and just decided to leave it natural.

I realized while watching her get all dressed up that I regret I didn’t have a dance when I was a tween/teen. I at least could have made a bigger deal of the banquet when I went. I was so anti-mainstream that I pretended to be completely apathetic about the whole ordeal. Maybe I should have made a bigger deal out of it? I still have that habit today of not making a big deal out of things…birthdays, weddings (hence why I am not married), baby showers. Nothing wrong with really celebrating life and the little things like Ariel knows how to do.

Anyway, Ariel looked so grown up! Jack seems slightly panicked that his little girl is growing up. Life moves both fast and slow.


Jack’s been addicted to making marbles the last couple of days–which is a big change for him. These were the first couple he did. I haven’t yet gotten pics of his newest ones, but they are gorgeous! I am so proud of all the new stuff he is creating. Baby’s on a roll! 🙂




  1. I went to school dances a few times as a tween/teen. You didn’t miss anything! 🙂 I remember a lot of insecurity, hair spray and horrible outfits! My only fond memories are the time before the event spent with my friends.

  2. Ariel looks gorgeous! We had dances in middle school, too. It was such a treat to get dressed up and dance with all my friends! I am sorry you missed out on it. I think that is so cool Jack took Ariel shopping for her dress. What a man!

    • TY…he is such a good guy. I am proud of him. Glad you got to enjoy dances as an adolescent.

  3. That’s so sweet of Jack to go dress shopping with her. I’m in fashion and I don’t even like malls. Lol! I went to a lot of school dances in junior high and high school. I think some were fun and others not so much. I think at that time I just felt awkward and it was more about the dress, hair and make-up. Just an excuse to dress up.

    • I think you are right about it just being an excuse to dress up. 🙂 It’s sweet though. Reminded me to be excited about the simpler things in life. LOL about you not liking malls…. I hate them, too! Thanks for reading. xo

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