Posted by: soulshinemoments | November 16, 2013


My little tot is sitting in front of the computer, mesmerized with a youtube children’s video on counting.  He’s decked all out in camaflouge this afternoon, an outfit picked out by his daddy. 

Jack is downstairs, working hard, blowing glass.  Last night, I uploaded some of his newest work to his instagram and facebook sites and added a couple of pieces onto his etsy site: I want to really help him sell his glass online. I’m not sure how to promote his stuff though.  I think networking is a key component with selling stuff online…something I don’t have much time to do right now. I have no idea what to even do besides be consistent in posting pictures.  Many people do well selling their art online; I hope we figure out how to be one of them one day, too.

I, myself, am craving time to make jewelry, paint with my acrylics, do something artsy! I feel like my soul needs it.  Jackson and I had a little art time earlier this day, but I might need to really sit down and paint in a little while.

Ariel is in downtown Atlanta right now serving bag lunches to the homeless people. I am so freakin’ proud of her!  She went with a group from church and was excited about doing it.  How sweet is that?  She really surprises me sometimes. 

I rushed to Starbucks first thing this morning to finish my part of our group’s Battered Women Syndrome paper.  I read so many damn articles for that paper, but at least it was interesting. 

Tomorrow, I am going to a Thanksgiving brunch sponsored by the church (can I say ‘our church’ now?).  I am really looking forward to that.  I have been enjoying going to church the past few Sundays.  A few things the Pastor has been saying (ie, “do not be anxious, God’s got this”) have been particular moving for both Jack and me as we are struggling financially right now.  I love being in grad school, but having a salaried job (and security) sounds incredible to me at this point in my life!

Time to hang out with my son and do something soulful…. Peace & Blessings 🙂



  1. XOXO!

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