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My break is over and now I am getting back into the swing of things with a somewhat regular and hectic schedule again.  Consequently, I must make time again to blog in here relatively regularly.  It helps me process my days and I like it as evidence of my graduate school experience. 

Speaking of grad school–yesterday marked my official first day of my last semester!  We don’t start our actual classes until Monday, but I had to go back to internship yesterday.


I was dreading yesterday.  

I had gotten incredibly spoiled with our month-long break from classes and internship. Realizing that it will perhaps be my last month-long break I will have again in quite some time, I relished every second of it.  I was able to get some cleaning done.  I read a few books.  I ate junk food.  We traveled to Ohio and did some sight seeing.  Jack and I binge watched “Weeds” on Netflix til 4 in the morning.  I celebrated my 30th birthday (holy shit!). Oh, and I started back Saturday with my yoga routine which feels soooo good! (I am at a different studio this month–closer to me–and have been doing more Bikram yoga–which is apparently good for slipped discs and lower back pain.)

But yesterday back at internship went just fine.  I am finally going to be getting my own patients this month which ought to make me feel like a legitimate professional! 🙂 I feel that I am ready.  I want to end this last semester of grad school with a bang and give it my all. I have a meeting with a career counselor on Monday to help me with my resume and cover letters.  I am uncertain if we are going to move to Ohio, but we are considering it very strongly.  If I could have a job lined up by the time I graduate, that would be incredible.  

Saturday my favorite MSW girls are coming over and we are going to do some preventative therapy for psychosis due to stress for our last semester of grad school.  Ha. 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing them.  

Tonight I am going to another Bikram yoga class.  I am in love…. ❤ Since this yoga studio is different from the one I am used to practice at, there are some big difference.  For one, I am not used to doing Yoga in front of huge mirrors.  Yikes.  Awkward.  The first time I did yoga in front of the intrusive mirrors, through my balance off. I was uncomfortable with the image in front of me. I am STILL uncomfortable with the image in front of me, but I am trying to set my intention throughout class to be to love myself despite the discomfort…which is REALLY challenging!  I also realize the mirror is a tool to help me progress in my practice and with self-improvement.  So I am trying to embrace it.  


Well, my two year old is awake and active, so I am going to cut this entry short.  xoxo




  1. Happy 30th Birthday! Glad to hear you are doing well! 🙂

    • Thanks, Girl…I feel so much wiser now. 😉 I look forward to catching up on your blog. xo

  2. Glad to see you back and like the new look around here. Also happy birthday! Welcome to 30 (well, I left 30’s a few years ago, but still welcome!!)


    • Thank you for your encouraging words, Paul! I look forward to catching up on your blog as well. 🙂

  3. Happy 30th Birthday, and I’m so your taking care with yourself through yoga 😀

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