Posted by: soulshinemoments | January 24, 2014

there’s something in you that the world needs



Trying to find/stay with/notice/appreciate my “Ohm”/my center/my balance/my peace of mind/my acknowledgement of this present moment.  It comes and goes like waves.  I’m doing the best I can with what I have.

We have fourteen weeks left until graduation.  Two weeks into my last semester, and I already feel the tension and the struggle.  There are lots of decisions that need to be made.  There’s lots of preparation I need to do.  It is extremely challenging to not feel overwhelmed.  We have huge, daunting projects due at the end of the semester.  Our supervisors at our internship are sick of us and ready to get rid of us, yet I feel far from a medical social worker professional.  Though, I am trying my best to “fake it until I make it” (see this video which inspired the hell out of me: We are poor, but wanting to move to Ohio which would require my finding a job ASAP.  There is a lot of pressure! On me!  But, what else is new?  Deep inside, I know I need to take it all in stride and trust the process.  I do know this is true.


I know the above is true and right and I am trying to remember to remember…. 🙂

Also, big surprise here, but I am still just in love with my yoga practice.  I’ve been going about 4x’s a week at a studio closer to where I live with a gift certificate I received for Christmas.  I have been doing Bikram Yoga (which has done wonders for my back), Dharma Yoga, and Yin Yoga.  I am just completely addicted.  It has been chasing the way I think and behave.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still a stressed out maniac, but I am able to fall back into calmness much more easier than life without yoga. 

All I can say right now is TGIF!!!!





  1. Thank you – the quote there is exactly what I needed to here today. Tough day, and felt a general sense of uselessness and the quote gave this cat here some life.

    Wonderful and thanks for sharing that video too.


    • Hey, Paul…
      I always appreciate your thoughtful and positive comments.
      I am sorry to hear you had a rough day yesterday. You are not alone–we all have them. I hope today was much better for you!

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