Posted by: soulshinemoments | January 25, 2014

What You are Seeking is Seeking You -Rumi



Yesterday, my entire family was sick with flu-like symptoms.  So I brought home some tea bags, cans of soup, medicine, good smelling wax (to take out the sick smell of the house), ginger-ale, and other cleaning supplies (again, to get the sick out of the house).  I have been the only one in the family who hasn’t been sick.  Jack pointed this out to me yesterday and I said it was because I have been practicing yoga regularly.  I really think it’s true.  It is so good for our immune system.  We will see.  I could also just be a late-bloomer.

I am seriously struggling with grad school “senioritis”.  I realized this about myself and realized that it has also been causing me a lot of unnecessary stress.  Instead of focusing on the current semester at hand, I have been anxious about what happens after grad school.  Where should I apply to work? Are we moving?  How are finances going to come into play?  What do I really want to do with my MSW degree that will both feed the family and fulfill my soul?  Umm…so…I have finally realized that that is a lot of pressure I am putting on myself! Maybe if I actually apply what I know to be true such as: counting my current blessings, taking care of the present moment, experiencing graditude, meditating, doing the best I can with what I have right now, and trusting in the Universe that “What I am seeking is seeking me”, I will be a lot better off. 


So, that is the mind-set that I am attempting to cultivate.




  1. we all struggle to do the things we know so well. lately i’ve been focusing on “living my truth” too! not getting sick is good motivation to practice yoga 🙂

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