Posted by: soulshinemoments | January 30, 2014

I am a happy people :-)


Just as I was trying my best to be at peace with all the anticipation and anxiety wanting to eat away at me, a miracle happened.  I was driving home from the grocery store Tuesday afternoon in Georgia and this happened:


At first, it was pretty and I was thankful to have the day off.  I bought packets of hot chocolate, marsh mellows, hot tea, cookie dough to bake, and food for dinner hoping that I could sit on my butt for the next day or two. When I was nine minutes from home, however, the roads started clogging up.  Cars were getting stuck.  People were turning around, going against traffic, walking around in the middle of the road.  I started to panic a little bit and called Jack who was in downtown Atlanta where the real madness was occurring.  He also had Jackson in the car with him and 13% charge on his phone.  He told me traffic was getting thick for him, as well.  He advised me to stay the course and not turn around like all the other people were and I’d make it home.  After I got off the phone with him and started driving up a slight hill, sure enough, my car tires began to spin and I was stuck.  Out of nowhere, two men jumped in front of my car and told me to gently ride the gas and they’d push me.  My legs began to shake by this point out of nerves, but they managed to push me, and I was home safe.  As I was cooking hot chocolate in anticipation for Ariel, Jackson, and Jack to come home, I turned on the news and saw this:


Yikes.  By this point, Jack’s phone was dead.  I started to worry.  Ariel called me and asked me to come pick her up from her bus which was stuck by the Walmart near the school.  I told her I wasn’t nor could I leave the driveway by this point.  She eventually was able to get a ride home from one of the neighbors. She wanted to go outside and play in the snow when she came home. I told her she could and no sooner did she go out and play than did her dad and Jackson come home.  Thank goodness!  There were some people stuck in Atlanta traffic for 21 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I am so grateful my boys made it home safe. 

After we got a fire going, Jack and I took Jackson outside to enjoy his first Georgian snow.


Now we are warming up as it is supposed to be 60 degrees this weekend.  Ridiculous.  But I enjoyed the rest! No school, no internship–woo hoo.



  1. I have to say, as a Canadian, we saw this on the news and had a good laugh. Of course, in Atlanta, you’re not used to this. How could you be? But as this was happening we were up in the North in minus 30 degree weather with snow beyond my knees if I step foot outside. Underneath the snow is about 3-4 inches of ice from an ice storm that covered Toronto a few weeks ago. Anyway, I’m glad you’re all safe. All you needed was a Canadian to come save you! And some snow tires!!

    • Oh my Gosh– Jack is from Ohio and was so embarrassed for the state of Georgia. I lived in Michigan for a year and thought it would be no big deal to drive in it as well, but nearly got stuck in it myself! Yup, snow tires and common sense really make for effective snow-driving. hahah. I’m glad you got a good laugh on the account of us silly rednecks. 😉

  2. By the time the storm made it up the east coast we were blessed with about 15 centimetres of snow…another day in a Canadian winter:-) We are glad everyone is safe and sound!

    • I loved the storm! I was able to take a five day weekend because of it. It is nice when our whole state shuts down because of a couple inches of snow. 😉 Stay warm!

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