Posted by: soulshinemoments | February 9, 2014

A little step may be the beginning of a great journey

It’s a spring-like day outside today and I am trying to find the motivation to type a 6+ page paper due for my family therapy class in a couple of weeks.  My mind is eager to focus on everything BUT graduate school right now. 

Jack and I had another conversation about our move to Ohio which is fun and exciting to think and dream about.  However, it is also unnerving because so much preparation needs to be done.  Jack needs to produce a ton of glass to make money.  I need to apply and take the LSW and find a job. We just have a lot to figure out.  I know that if it is supposed to happen, it will happen and things will fall into place.  I just can’t stop myself from thinking about the next step.

Jack’s friend/mentor of 9 years who is a 73 year old man came and spent the weekend with us.  He is very wise and is incredibly supportive about our moving to Ohio.  Actually, pretty much every friend and family member we’ve told about our possibility of moving encourages us to go for it.  The support makes me feel like it is the right move for us to make.  In that case, I need to keep the faith that all the necessary steps will fall into place.

I have been keeping track and working on my goals.  A little yoga every single day.  Meditation every night.  Keeping a gratitude journal.  Etc!  It has really helped grounded me.  They have just been small changes, but I am liking the progress.  Image

I was able to sneak away to a hot yoga class last night (after two weeks of not being able to make it to the studio).  It was challenging, sweaty, difficult….and then wonderful and euphoric.  One day I will be able to do yoga at a studio every single day.  I am looking forward to that day.  For now, I am trying to challenge myself and be disciplined with my home practice (which is just not the same!). 

Ok, I am going to go tackle this paper.  More later.


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