Posted by: soulshinemoments | February 19, 2014

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” -C.G. Jung

I worked today (just filled out more paper work, but got paid for doing so! Tomorrow is my first official day!).  I interned today.  I have three patients I have to see my Friday for my hospice internship.  I am trying to figure out how to maximize my time by seeing my patients, earning some money, taking care of my family, getting ahead on my school assignments, going to the necessary internship and school meetings, all while still achieving my personal physical/spiritual/mental/emotional/relational goals each day.  I can’t say that life’s not interesting right now, that’s for sure!

Right now, however, I am taking a deep breath, sipping some chai tea, and taking a moment to write in here. 

One of my friends in our program had chest pains yesterday because she was having so much anxiety about all the things she needs to get done.  I, myself, walk that thin line of peace-of-mind and supreme anxiety.  One of the major things being a social work graduate student has taught me that if I don’t take care of myself and my peace of mind, I am no good to anyone else.  I have to take care of myself first in order to teach others to take care of themselves.  It is kind of an interesting process on how that works. 

Yesterday in my diagnostic class, we watched a brief film regarding the strength’s perspective. It wasn’t this video, but it was this man, Dewitt Jones. 

He is a national geographic photographer who finds the extraordinary in the ordinary.  He says we can apply his photograph tips to our daily lives.  He gives these tips on how: 1) Have the right lens (perspective) 2) Have the right focus 3) There’s more than one right answer 4) Fear of mistakes is the greatest enemy of the creative spirit 5) Change happens in the milometers. 

“Being creative. Not being afraid to make mistakes; believing there’s more than one right answer; finding that new perspective, that new focus. Falling in love with the world. If we let it, creativity can infuse all the facets of our lives; and that when it does, life truly is extraordinary. When we believe it, we’ll see it.” -Dewitt Jones

Our professor went on to say that we can even apply these principles to our clients.  We don’t need to focus on all their mistakes, but we focus on what they are doing right.  We, as their social worker, can always find some beauty and strength in our client and we must highlight that.

Obviously, the strengths perspective and solution-focused thinking is very common in social work.  It seems that there might be something to this positive thinking, after all, huh?




  1. I do agree that we can find beauty and strength in anyone. Good luck on your new job.

    • Yup…it is a simple truth! Thank you for the well wishes. 🙂 Peace & Blessings to you.

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